Moleskine Dropbox Smart Notebook

A new notebook from Moleskine that connects to Dropbox

The Dropbox Smart Notebook allows you to lift handwritten notes and sketches from the page to your Dropbox account – adding a new depth and dimension to both individual and group projects.
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4 Reviews1.0/5
Seems like a cool product, but I expected a bit more from a "smart notebook". With a bit of work, a photo/document scanning app can do this with any notebook.
Loved the original smart notebook with evernote back in college. This is a great addition to that line-up
I've been wanting something close to this for a long time. I love writing on paper. Even the best tech products like the iPad Pro can't beat the experience. But I do want the notes I take available in my note-taking software, like Notion and Apple Notes. I love the scanning component of this, but I think the software piece could be better. Perhaps I could choose tools besides Dropbox to import my drawings? And maybe I could get B/W SVG's of the notes I took? Or automatic transcription? Either way, this is a start to connecting physical notebooks to software and I think that's pretty cool.
@john_c_palmer There are devices that you may like. the pen is built by Neolab and they also do this Both require a specific notebook but not the one below
@john_c_palmer @amokrane_tamine Guys Remarkable 2 tablet is the closest I got to paper and its amazing!
@john_c_palmer @klauss Yes remarkable is fine and more affordable than Sony's digital paper
Why not use the dropbox app and make a photo? And u can use any kind of paper. Makes no sense this.
@lukasjorissen "We're Moleskine, it's a whole new experience and a way of life" incoming

Moleskine's paper is not as good as before. I don't know why they changed it but they should focus on bringing quality back rather than creating more special collections.


- Classy - Better for sketching - Works with Dropbox rather than the OG Evernote


- Not a revolution - Doesn't seem to remove backgrounds - Not better than Dropbox's mobile app scanner + another notebook