Moleskine Dropbox Smart Notebook

A new notebook from Moleskine that connects to Dropbox

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The Dropbox Smart Notebook allows you to lift handwritten notes and sketches from the page to your Dropbox account – adding a new depth and dimension to both individual and group projects.
Kat Botts
Amokrane Tamine
Marian Miliczki
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  • Amokrane Tamine
    Amokrane TamineMarketing Student

    - Classy - Better for sketching - Works with Dropbox rather than the OG Evernote


    - Not a revolution - Doesn't seem to remove backgrounds - Not better than Dropbox's mobile app scanner + another notebook

    Moleskine's paper is not as good as before. I don't know why they changed it but they should focus on bringing quality back rather than creating more special collections.

    Amokrane Tamine has never used this product.
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Mihai Serban
Mihai Serban@serbanmd · Digital Product Designer
Seems like a cool product, but I expected a bit more from a "smart notebook". With a bit of work, a photo/document scanning app can do this with any notebook.
Aaron  O'Leary
Aaron O'LearyHunter@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Chef.
Loved the original smart notebook with evernote back in college. This is a great addition to that line-up
John Palmer
John Palmer@john_c_palmer · Software Engineer
I've been wanting something close to this for a long time. I love writing on paper. Even the best tech products like the iPad Pro can't beat the experience. But I do want the notes I take available in my note-taking software, like Notion and Apple Notes. I love the scanning component of this, but I think the software piece could be better. Perhaps I could choose tools besides Dropbox to import my drawings? And maybe I could get B/W SVG's of the notes I took? Or automatic transcription? Either way, this is a start to connecting physical notebooks to software and I think that's pretty cool.
Amokrane Tamine
Amokrane Tamine@amokrane_tamine · Marketing Student
@john_c_palmer There are devices that you may like. the pen is built by Neolab and they also do this Both require a specific notebook but not the one below
KlaussPro@klauss · Veurker
@john_c_palmer @amokrane_tamine Guys Remarkable 2 tablet is the closest I got to paper and its amazing!
Amokrane Tamine
Amokrane Tamine@amokrane_tamine · Marketing Student
@john_c_palmer @klauss Yes remarkable is fine and more affordable than Sony's digital paper
lukas jorissen
lukas jorissen@lukasjorissen · CEO COQTAIL
Why not use the dropbox app and make a photo? And u can use any kind of paper. Makes no sense this.
Amokrane Tamine
Amokrane Tamine@amokrane_tamine · Marketing Student
@lukasjorissen "We're Moleskine, it's a whole new experience and a way of life" incoming
Amokrane Tamine
Amokrane Tamine@amokrane_tamine · Marketing Student
I get it. As a fountain pen addict, I'd rather write notes on paper than type them or use a Surface/iPad Pro... but how is this better than using Dropbox's mobile app scanning feature? Also, I can somehow get the hype surrounding Moleskine -they work great with pencils- but the quality of their paper has dropped recently. Right now, there is nothing as good as Rhodia in terms of quality, especially for fountain pen writing. The most interesting thing here is that you don't want to rely on Evernote anymore, maybe because you think it's doomed.