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April 29th, 2019

Rumors confirmed: WeWork's IPO

Yesterday, co-working giant WeWork (which recently rebranded to The We Company) announced that it confidentially filed for an IPO in December.

WeWork will join a growing class of tech firms that have recently gone public, including Lyft, Zoom and Pinterest. Uber and Slack are also expected to IPO in the coming weeks, followed by Airbnb later this year. 💸

The company has reportedly not yet picked bankers, and did not reveal financial information in the filing.

Since WeWork was founded in 2010, it has largely defined the co-working category, growing from one work space in New York City to a global network of offices. Throughout it's tenure, the company has invested in startups like The Wing, and made 13 acquisitions, including services like Meetup and Managed by Q.

WeWork also had a few of its own launches over the years, so we decided to take a trip down memory lane to find out what folks thought of its different *experiments.* 👀

When WeWork got into co-living:

“As a current WeLive member, I can tell you that this new living community is amazing! Apartments are fully furnished, very modern and everyone is extremely friendly. This made my move from SF to NY so much easier.” - Florent

When WeWork opened a private school:

“Maybe one of the most important things that WeWork can do. I hope it pans out so I can send my future offspring there.” - Joshua

When WeWork unveiled in-house convenience stores:

“Interesting move for WeWork, following its expansion into hospitality. At their scale they've become a distribution channel for CPG, similar to Cargo's Uber/Lyft-focused marketplace.” - Ryan

WeWork is now hoping that public investors believe it can turn a profit from its different visions. The company was last valued at $47B.

P.S. You can get 10-20% off a WeWork membership through our Founder Club program. Just an FYI. 💪

P.P.S. If WeWork isn’t your jam, use Workfrom to find a cafe with WiFi and power outlets to camp in.

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