Furnished, flexible apartments by WeWork

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πŸ‘ if you think about the constraints that entrepreneurs and early stage employees are under when signing rental agreements vs the riskiness of their startups and the likelihood they will fail, this makes perfect sense. #disrupthousing
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@rueter Interesting article from Mashable about this! http://stfi.re/anakzy
@rueter I couldnt agree more.
Just watched the Vice on WeLive. I stand by what I said above: this is the future of housing.
As a current WeLive member, I can tell you that this new living community is AMAZING! Apartments are fully furnished, very modern and everyone is extremely friendly. This made my move from SF to NY so much easier. If you are looking for a place to live in NY or DC, you should definitively check it out!
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@florentferere That is an awesome review! I'm deeply excited about this! πŸ™Œ
@florentferere excited about the community part - looks like a hostel. but not for just backpackers :)
@florentferere Hoping to connect with someone on WeLive to bring them to this platform
One of the best perks is the living community. Each floor has a common area such as the "Great Kitchen", yoga studio / movie room, and laundry / arcade room. It's a great way to meet your neighbors and hang out. As many guests have mentioned, you never have to leave the building and can have a great time. There are plenty of events such as family breakfasts and dinners. Moving from California, it's awesome to have such friendly neighbors hanging around in the common areas to make friends with. And because the apartments are fully furnished, I didn't have to worry about moving / buying furniture β€” not even bed linens! πŸ‘
Uhmmm pretty sure I want to try this. Went to NYC last year and loved it, considering spending some time out there anyway. This would be amazing for me!
@bentossell WeLive also has short-term rental units like hotel rooms if you want to try it out for a while.
@bentossell just move here already Ben!
@djtarazona what area is it in?
@bentossell WeLive's first NYC building is on Wall St :)
I already can see the next venture - WeLive&Work. Where your bed is steps away from your office in a package deal
@ehevich If the one in DC is where I think it is, it is really close to WeWork.
@delwilliams now they only need to build a bridge between them, or create WeDrive to commute between them:)