The Wing

Co-working and community for professional women

The Wing is a home base for women on their way with the mission of advancement of women through community.

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They are launching new cities soon with applications open on the site: SF, West Hollywood, London, Toronto, Seattle and Chicago
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@abadesi applying for the London location!
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I do really love this community. And my wish to fly to the USA and to visit "The Wing"
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The Wing, which originally started in NY, is opening up in SF soon. I expect it to do very well here, in part because there's a lack of social clubs like this in the city.
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@rrhoover Do you think it'd be possible to visit during my next trip to SF? 🙋🏻‍♀️
@syswarren yeahhh! I assume they offer drop-ins/trials. Not sure when it'll be here though.
@rrhoover @syswarren I got a membership! It opens Oct 1. I heard from NY members that visitors can come with a member for up to 2 hrs.
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@rrhoover @shriyanevatia Hope I can visit. I'll be in SF end of November!
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@rrhoover @syswarren Awesome, let me know when you're here! :D
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I've been following the Wing and its recent camp and I am so in love with your mission and spaces--but most especially the community you're building! Hoping to visit one of your locations someday soon.
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