Workfrom is a powerful search engine for the best coworking spaces, coffee shops, and open spaces for you to work remotely.

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Portland represent! (I'm a native Oregonian) I could have used this in Memphis last week. I hunted through yelp to find a cafe that (1) had free wifi and (2) good atmosphere/seating. My biggest complaint with Yelp is that they rarely have good photos of the actual place. Eventually I found Tampa and Tap (great spot, they even have video games!) but Workfrom would have been far more useful. More people seem to be working remotely, doing "workactions." E.g. @tommoor sqwigggles around the world. ;) @darrenbuckner - a mobile app seems like the obvious best platform for something like this. Is that in the works? P.S. Philz on 399 Golden Gate Ave is my jam in SF.
Workfrom was built to help those of us who work from coffee shops and cafés find good places to set up shop based on the information we need. What's the WiFi actually like? Is there usually seating available? Do they have accessible power outlets? We're currently featuring Portland but we'll be in several cities soon. Seattle and San Francisco are leading in popular vote right now. I'd love to get some feedback and favorite places if you've got them!
Fantastic! Just noticed that you have Los Angeles now. Super cool. Will certainly use this. Thank you!
@codysimms awesome and thank you. If you know/find some great spots not listed in LA yet, please add them. I appreciate the support!
Bookmarked! I'd love to see the Valley: Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Cupertino, etc.
@darrenbuckner good list to get started here: (my favs: Coffee Bar in the Mission, Social Study near Fillmore, Haus Coffee, Farleys, Epicenter Cafe)