Managed by Q Task Management helps office operations teams collect, organize, and analyze employee requests and office issues. The tool enables them to best support the needs of the modern workplace and focus on creating a world-class employee experience.
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Hey Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ I’m very excited to launch Managed by Q Task Management today! Managed by Q Task Management was formerly known as Hivy - a product my co-founder and I started working on three years ago in Paris. We were acquired in late 2017 and are now releasing the full integration with the Managed by Q platform. This is a big milestone in our commitment to empower workplace teams all over the world. Managed by Q Task Management enables teams to manage both their office tasks and employee requests. Through our easy-to-use dashboard and powerful Slack integration, we connect the needs of the entire office to the day-to-day workflow of its workplace management team. With this integration, we are building on top of Managed by Q’s existing vendor management tools, so that workplace teams will be able to work more effectively with both employees and vendors to deliver the best possible workplace experience. Feel free to share this with your workplace team so we can make their work life a whole lot easier πŸ‘‰
Hunter Walk
Partner, Homebrew
The ManagedByQ team consistently ships products that just make Offices run
David KProduct manager
We use it at work (formerly hivy) and it's a great way to get all of the things we need without going down the email rabbit hole. Software license from IT? Check. New wheels for the bottom rack of the kitchen dishwasher? Check. Sugru to fix a frayed MacBook charger? Check. Weekly kitten and puppy sessions in the lounge? Working on it... Nice job MbQ team, keep it up!
@kilsey Thank you David! 🀩
Denis Shershnev
Founder & CEO
Great job @paulinetordeur ! It'll definitely increase employees' productivity and help stay organized. Good luck to you!
@eulerr thank you!
Mat Vogels
Founder, Zestful
Still rocking it, Pauline! Keep up the amazing work πŸ‘
@matvogels thank youuuu! Hope you are well!