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April 2nd, 2019

10 products to help you 😴

We love a ~weird~ product launch, and Sleep Pod delivered last week.

The $110 “blanket” is basically a baby swaddle for adults. Sleep Pod maker Matt Mundt is a former Apple and Harley Davidson designer on a mission to solve a personal problem: insomnia.

How it works: Sleep Pod is designed to feel like a hug. It uses a four-way stretched material that's designed to feel breathable, but that applies a gentle pressure to your body when you're snuggled inside. That pressure will reportedly help you reduce anxiety and fall asleep faster.

Some initial reactions on Product Hunt:

“I've wanted to try a weighted blanket, but I don’t find it practical to store and move a large, heavy blanket so this solution is much more appealing” - Liza

“This looks somewhat claustrophobic” - Aleksander

Getting swaddled like a baby not your thing? Here are some alternatives that might help you catch some more 💤:

👀 Gravity is a weighted blanket for sleep

👫 Dualsleep is a dual-temperature duvet for couples

🛏 The Bed Tent is a bed for introverts

🤤 Mini Pillow is a pillow that lets you sleep anywhere

🙌 Dreem Coach is a library of programs to improve your sleep

💡 Casper Glow is a magic light for better sleep

🎶 Can't Sleep is AI music designed for sleep

👂 Sleepbuds are tiny earbuds for when you're sleeping

😌 Beditations are guided meditations to improve sleep

Get the Sleep Pod

In this week's episode of Product Hunt Radio, veteran storytellers Carmel DeAmicis and Camille Ricketts join us to chat about how to tell your startup's story. We talk about: 

👀 What not to do when crafting your company's narrative
🗣 How to leverage your network to find your next role  
🙃 The wild, weird, wonderful world of TikTok

Listen now and big thanks to our sponsor FreshBooks, Bubble and Dipsea for their support. 😸

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