"This isn't another weighted blanket."
Sleep Pod's unique material applies a gentle, calming pressure to your body, which helps reduce anxiety and helps you to "fall asleep faster, and achieve a better quality of sleep."
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7 Reviews3.3/5
Came across a Fast Company article on Sleep Pod and I was instantly drawn to this concept. I’ve wanted to try a weighted blanket, but I don’t find it practical to store and move a large, heavy blanket so this solution is much more appealing. It seems like everyone's obsessed with productivity these days, and the truth is, productivity begins with regular, solid rest. Sleep is so vital. Let’s carry our desire for optimization over, and do what we can to maximize our potential for a restful, "productive" sleep.
Being in a tiny bag would give me anxiety, not reduce it.
Have a feeling that one may lose sleep when trying to get out of it in the middle of the night for a bathroom trip and then getting back in into it. Too much effort may wake you up.
This looks as comfy as the Gravity blanket. 😴
I just ordered one, excited to see how it goes.
@goldy_arora Please s'waddle your way here and report back 😆