Dreem Coach

A library of tailored programs to improve your sleep

The Dreem Coach helps you improve your sleep, step by step:

- First, it delivers a tailored report on your sleep

- Depending on this report, you will get dedicated coaching programs to solve your sleep issue,

- After the program, you will enter long-term sleep optimization with effective techniques.

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Hi Product Hunt, I am Hugo Mercier, CEO and Co-Founder of Dreem. We are a neurotechnology company based in Paris and San Francisco. We have one unique mission: helping people be better at sleep. Today, we’re really excited to share our new release with you, the Dreem Coach. Thanks to all our user feedback and more than 500.000 nights we have recorded, we have learnt a lot about human sleep. We understood to resolve sleep problems, habits that prevent healthy sleep need to be broken down. That's how the idea of fully redesigning our mobile app was born, and after a year of development and four months in beta testing, we are very proud to present you the Dreem Coach which is basically a personal coach tailored to your sleep. We have also launched a library of customized programs, like the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). By combining the tracking power of the Dreem headband and the efficiency of the CBT, we are confident that Dreem could become a great way to beat insomnia and other targeted sleep issues. The Dreem coach is now available with the headband on Dreem with a special promo code just for you hunters! We would love to get your feedback and I’m happy to answer questions! Thanks, Hugo
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@hugomercier Incredible video and product! Did you guys make that video internally? What software did you use if you did make it internally?
I haven't seen other companies launch products like this one, and today Dreem is launching a companion app, Dreem Coach, to go with their Band. As a designer, I'm super excited about the beautifully designed app... and as someone who currently wishing she had more sleep last night, I'm certainly a potential customer 😴
@syswarren digging the design. Looks like it was designed by a french team. 👌🏼
Honored and thrilled to be a part of this human adventure. Beyond being a safe, healthy and friendly product, the purpose behind our talented team (Engineers, Scientifics, Neurologists etc...) is human centric first: Help people. Sleep issues are real and our customers need a solution scientifically proven. Have a healthy sleep 💫🌜
Nice idea guys. I hope you launch app for Galaxy Watch, because i can't buy your Band in our country 😃
This is a cool idea. I can’t buy your Band where I am, but I’m excited by its potential. Good luck!