Casper Nap Pillow

A mini pillow so you can take the comfort of Casper anywhere

Love sleep? Our mini pillow lets you take Casper comfort with you, and snooze wherever you choose.

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The main reason why this is interesting is air travel, followed by short workplace naps. For those of us that have couches in offices, it's usually better to invest in comfy/stylish pillows with washable covers, so it doesn't look like you sleep in your office.

The bag is a nice touch, since you can keep it in a drawer without it becoming gross.

The critical piece is - when traveling - will this be worth the space it takes up. Something that folded up into a smaller size would of course be much more useful!


Size is good for traveling

Washable is key given how dirty most places I take naps are

The bag is a nice touch to make it easy to carry


The pillow was never Casper's best product to begin with

Price point is high enough to worry about forgetting the pillow somewhere

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I'm way pickier than I thought when it comes to my pillows. I'll walk around the store squeezing them all, trying to figure out which is the right amount of squishy and firm. Then I get home thinking I found the perfect pillow only to have a poor nights sleep b/c it doesn't remain the same throughout the whole night. I was hesitant to try Casper's pillow without even getting my hands on it first, but it has without a doubt been my favorite pillow ever. I know that doesn't mean it will be ideal for everyone, but I urge people to give it a try. This nap pillow will likely come with me on many a trip in the future (or whenever I'm forced to sleep on a cactus).
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Will this pillow suffice for a camping pillow? Is it packable?