Can't Sleep

AI music scientifically designed for sleep

Built with science: applies research from over 100 journal articles on music psychology & sleep

New music every time: never repeats, boring or distracting

DIY music builder: create music based on your choice of instruments & sounds

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Hi PH, Thomas here, founder of Can’t Sleep App and Aussie expert in music & sleep. First of all, thanks @duellsy for hunting Can’t Sleep! We’re really excited to be here. At Can’t Sleep, we believe in the power of music to help anyone achieve more in life. About 5 years ago, I discovered music psychology; the answer to why and how music changed my mood. I knew experientially that music helped me get through the day but was surprised to find scientific evidence of music helping people to focus, relax and sleep. I started Can’t Sleep because I wanted to use this music psychology research as a tool to help people. I recognised the impact poor sleep has on society and saw an opportunity to help poor sleepers. Can’t Sleep plays unlimited relaxing music scientifically designed to help us fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. The music is composed and played using algorithms. This makes the music unique every time, meaning it never gets boring and we don’t habituate to it. The full version lets us choose our own instruments & ambient sounds, and this personalization makes the music more enjoyable and effective. Because of the generative element of the app, in the future we can build in real-time personalization such as changing the speed of the music to match your heartbeat. In the past few months we’ve improved the sleep of Australian Paralympian Raïssa Martin which reduced her migraines related to her visual impairment. See here
We have a nice treat as well for the Product Hunt community: 80% off the iPhone subscription for today only. Android version is currently free. I hope we can welcome you to Can’t Sleep, so we can help you sleep better tonight! I’ll be available for the next 4 hours (and back again tomorrow) to answer any questions you may have. I’m really looking forward to your feedback!!
alan jones
Tech startup coach and investor
Well done Thomas and thanks for putting your app on Product Hunt. Is there a way I can activate those individual instrumentation controls in the app? They seem all greyed out.
@bigyahu Thankyou for the question. We have a free and a subscription version. The DIY music builder is a subscription feature. The great news is that for the next 24hrs we have dropped our subscription pricing by 80% :)
Ofir ChoshenCustomer Support, Pruvo
I sure need to give it a try myself
Hayley DevlinFounder of Neon Wedding

When I first used this I was sceptical. I’m an entrepreneur, not getting enough sleep is in the job description right? WRONG!

It IS possible to get a full night’s sleep, wake up early & be EVEN more productive in the morning than you would have been late the night before.

Thanks Can’t Sleep. Now I just need to get my kids onb and maybe we’ll all sleep well every night!


The pros of better sleep? There are NOT enough characters... where do I start?


Err, my partner is cranky at me in the morning because he‘s jealous I’ve had more sleep!!!

Paul TowersFounder @TaskPigeon
Congrats on the launch! Sounds super interesting. I look forward to checking it out
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