The weighted blanket for sleep, stress and anxiety


Daniel Singer
@danielsing3r · product at 💬@sensay 🃏@disruptcards
John is a beast and I can't wait to get my hands on this one. This seems to be the perfect topper to a Casper mattress. I hope you all can grasp the gravity of the situation.
Bret Prins
@bret_prins1 · Web Developer + Coffee Snob
I personally just put some kettlebells on my chest before I fall asleep. Feels like I'm being hugged by The Rock.
Alex Marshall
@grlalx · Head of CX, Comms @HealthIQ, Prev@GSachs
DONE. one of my wildest dreams just came true 👏🏼👏🏼❤️ cannot wait for this!!
Kaben Clauson
@kbclauson · Co-Founder, Aop App
I'm a sucker for anything that can help me sleep better - looks cool. How does this handle temperature? It doesn't retain to much heat?
@kristofertm · Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
I love a heavy comforter and have always thought how weird it was to enjoy the lead apron they put on you at the dentist when they take X-rays. It's nice and cool and heavy. Gravity seems like it's going to do just that :)