Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 28th, 2019

Listen to websites like podcasts

The internet may have its own podcast soon.

Yesterday, TAYL launched on Product Hunt to give content on the internet a voice. How TAYL works:

Step 1: Signup to create your own “podcast”
Step 2: When you find something interesting online, bookmark it on TAYL
Step 3: Later on, grab your AirPods and start listening to the internet (i.e. the sites bookmarked)

Some of TAYL's additional features:

It detects the language of text automatically 🔍
It uses A.I. to summarize long articles 🤓
It lets you select from over 50 voices in 17 languages 🌍
It sounds (almost) human 🎧

Some early reactions on Product Hunt:

“I’ve always wanted something like this. I listen to a lot of podcasts, never get the time to read though” - Keir

“Best voice imitation” - Anna

Audio technology like this could be a solution for people with vision or reading problems, and we're seeing others dip into the space.

Narro also turns articles into a podcast 📰
Voice Dream Mail reads you your emails 💌
Read2Me turns any website or file into a podcast 🎙
Play turns your Wordpress articles into podcasts 📝
Speechkit creates audio for any news story 🎧


Product News!

Medium is tearing down its paywall for Twitter users. Ride-sharing for kids app Zum raises $40M. Disney might buy up Hulu. ClassDojo raised $35M to be the new parent-teacher conference. Siri got new Shortcuts for flight info, food orders and the dictionary. And Tesla released its $35K Model 3.