Super Retina in two sizes — including the largest display ever on an iPhone. Even faster Face ID. The smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone. And a breakthrough dual-camera system. iPhone XS is everything you love about iPhone. Taken to the extreme.

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Did they literally call it the iPhone XS? Seems... excessive.
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@its_been_brang you deserve a gold star
@its_been_brang @fle_bre two stars for you both: ⭐⭐

What more to say ? It's an Apple product, so let start with the price.

Ouichhh, It's really expensive. More expensive that the iPhone X... The most expensive one will cost you 1700$. It's much more than what my mind can bear.

Well, I already bough an iPhone X, it was already really expensive.

But, I bought it anyway to replace my iPhone 6 as I have skipped 6S and 7.

The performance is incredible, the display so great. But, the battery life is not that great. I often have to charge it.

For my own use, I really prefer high battery performance, that why I gave my iPhone X to my wife and bought an Huawei Mate 10 Pro with an really amazing battery life.


It's an Apple product

- OLED screen

- Bigger screen

- Better battery life

- Top performance CPU (A12)

- Improved photo

- Apple ecosystem


Well, it's an Apple product, anyway ?

- Really expensive

- Battery life not better than competition

All I really want is longer battery life. The OLED screen is nice though. 😍
@rrhoover What do you currently have?
@gabriel__lewis I'm still on an iPhone 7. Don't tell anyone.
@rrhoover I kept my iPhone 6 for 3 years, makes the upgrades more exciting, saves you money, and it is better for the environment 🌱
@gabriel__lewis @rrhoover @naveenkumar prepare yourself then. iOS 12 is amazing on older devices.
@naveenkumar I’ve just updated to iOS 12 GM, and system works so much faster on my 7. :)

It's an "S" series, so it's mostly internal changes like always. No big innovation, but that's expected. I won't be switching from my iPhone X, which I really love. If you don't have one, I highly recommend.


Probably the best phone out there


If you have the iPhone X, stick with it

I love my 10. Didn't see much difference except the bigger one. What else, other than gaming VR features did I miss? The new iWatch is bigger news.