Hulu Live TV

50+ channels of live TV for $39.99/mo πŸ“Ί

Watch your favorite live sports, news, entertainment, and more. Plus, get unlimited access to the entire Hulu streaming library – all for only $44.99/month
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Yesterday Twitter announced it's working with 12 networks to build a 24/7 TV platform of your favorite sports and entertainment. Meanwhile, Facebook continues to test it's "TV button" placed on the bottom of the mobile app and said to be creating original content, soon. Then there's Alphabet's massive video platform which launched YouTube TV a few months ago. And "smaller" players like Pluto.TV which raised $30M late last year to build a new kind of TV network (which feels refreshingly old school -- give it a try). Of course there's Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and a several others fighting for your πŸ‘€'s. TV's never been more competitive.
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@rrhoover or ripe for innovation :) YouTubeTV still looks like the leader out of the gate for these a la carte offerings to me
@rrhoover hi kiddo! You're such a movr&shkr. 😘
Cord cutting should also cut price, I do not see any value unless these services come under $20
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@mattcogenli agreed. I really don't see the value in this versus a cable provider at the moment. The price point is definitely a barrier IMO.
@mattcogenli Completely agree. Most standalone ISP for just wifi will run you roughly $50-60 with no cable package. At $40 for Hulu or others, you're back to a $100 cable bill
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I don't know much about US TV channels, but do you guys find that paying $39.99/mo is worth? Here in France you have 1gbps fiber + at least 170 TV channels (obviously not same as you have in the US, but we have CNN, Fox News and some others) + unlimited home phone for 30€/month πŸ€”
@akdm_ in the US, most people pay $100+ for the same channels and internet. I'm at ~$150/month and would love to get rid of the bundle
@akdm_ If you're comparing the cost to traditional cable subscriptions, then it's pretty decent. If you're already a cord cutter paying for HBO/Amazon/Netflix, then I think it's really expensive because those three offer better content for the price. Hulu Live TV offers 50+ channels, which is great, but if I look closer then I really only care about 4-5 channels, and taking an even closer look, those 4-5 channels only give me a very small handful of content I would care about. The only way I'll ever truly be on board with internet TV is a la carte subscriptions. Let me pick and choose which channels I want for a fee while offering me DVR and stream-anywhere capabilities.
@vinhhh @akdm_ I think the point of "over-the-top" bundles like these come down to convenience and freedom of choice. If I'm a standard hulu subscriber, it basically eliminates Sling and I can get 90% of my television in one place. Which sounds oddly like cable. But with cable bundles, in order to get the cheapest deal I have to agree to stay on for 12 or more months to get it. Hulu, Sling, YouTube, and Twitter remove this restriction completely. I can go without Hulu Live or Sling until I need it again. I don't have to call in and have it canceled or reactivated and I don't have to deal with the customer retention practices of cable companies. If we're being honest, I don't know anyone who really likes the products cable companies force on you in order to consume their services.
One answer I don't see: If I subscribe to this bundle and drop cable, will it enable me to use the standalone network apps on my AppleTV?
@mikeorren my bet would be that they wouldn't allow for that, as they want to up-sell you the cloud DVR add-on
@mikeorren DirecTV Now allows you to do this! With more added every week or so. It's great.
@joseph I think DirecTV now provides the best value out of all of them.
@joseph @mikeorren Is DirecTV Now stable? Was early adopter but bailed.
@kkdub @mikeorren Yep, absolutely better now than launch.
I don't see how anyone would want to sign up for a regular cable service provider after this launch.