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(T)alk A(t) Y(ou) L(ater), pronounced "tale", is the service that gives your Internet content a voice. It uses state of the art A.I. and machine learning to sound (almost) human. Send TAYL anything you want read. Listen in the TAYL app, or by using Podcasts.

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Hi hunters! The video of Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh in 1984 never fails to put a smile on my face. It was a groundbreaking feat of engineering in many ways, but what impress me the most is how the computer for the first time ever had a personality of its own. It spoke. https://youtu.be/2B-XwPjn9YY?t=193 Computers, software and humans have come a long way since 1984. By standing on the shoulders of giants I managed to build a little something that comes bundled with several different personalities… 🌍 It lets you select from 50+ voices in 17 languages. 🔍 It detects the language of text automatically. 🎧 It SOUNDS FANTASTIC. 🤖 It uses A.I. to summarise long articles. 🤓 It makes web pages readable by removing slow & ugly junk. ⚡️ It is super fast, ultra reliable, and works 24/7! For the past 3 months I’ve spent early mornings, late evenings & weekends doing nothing but working on this project. It’s a good feeling to finally be able to exit my chamber, and have something to show for it. I hope you will check it out! Try it out for free, let me know what you think, and if you feel it's worth an upgrade, use coupon: PRODUCTHUNT to get 50% off your first purchase.
Also, since it's only me, I don't mind sharing everything about the product. So the roadmap as well as statistics (with revenue included), is all visible to the public. Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/WEAtqNKO/ta... Statistics (incl. revenue): https://bit.ly/2VpAWUg
@miickel this is so cool! What tool are you using to scrape the webpage for the right content to read in order to not read ads etc?
Very similar to Narro ! We're still growing over there (more integrations, voices, languages, customization, etc) and are excited to see this space growing!
@twandjosh cool! I honestly didn't know about Narro util only a few weeks ago when someone mentioned it while discussing some other product (I think it was https://read2me.online or https://play.ht). Hearing about your service almost knocked the air out of my lungs because I was very excited thinking "no one have thought about this before", but then noticed you created Narro many years ago. Had I not already spent that much time on TAYL I would have easily just called it a day. Anyways, I'm happy to hear you are welcoming the competition. I'm sure we can differentiate in many ways and that the space is large enough for the both of us 🙏
very cool, sounds like something @matthartman would be interested in
thanks @bradleyengel will include this in hearingvoices.xyz
Awesome voices! The site does not really make it clear how this works though. For example is there an app or do I have to use the website? Can I listen off-line? What is the pricing? You mentioned something about a discount code but I don’t see a pricing section anywhere. I assume that I have to sign up first in order to get that info but I really hate it when services do not disclose basic information about the product to get you to sign up.
@anna_0x Thanks Anna! Very good points. You can use any podcast app on your phone or computer to listen, and you can send in content using regular e-mail (so any device supporting these two concepts will work fine). Also, the web app is optimised for mobile as well, so it should work nicely on smartphones. Only due to lack of time (I've built all of this in less than 3 months), I haven't been able to disclose more information on the landing page yet. All the information about pricing is available for signed-in users. It's free to sign up and you can easily delete your account, or use a bogus email, if you just want to check it out on the inside. :)
@miickel are you using wavenet voices?
@johnbhiggins well spotted! They sound the best by far right now, and I've spent quite some time researching different alternatives. Nvidia is doing some really exciting work in this area as well, and I hope to be able to switch to an open-source solution soon.
@miickel I guess you use the Google Cloud's API? How fast does it generate the audio clips? There are a couple of open-source implementation of DeepMind's paper, btw, but they probably will not be competitive (in terms of price) to Google.
@nikolaytsenkov exactly. It's very fast. That's the primary reason why it beats any open-source solution. I guess Google has powered this API with an insane GPU hardware configuration 🔥, I can't understand how it's this fast otherwise. I've seen and tested many of the open-source implementations of the paper, but I think they are all too slow for this kind of application. 😔
@nikolaytsenkov oh, and if you want to know the exact metrics for TAYL, they are available in the public dashboard https://bit.ly/2VpAWUg - Looking at it right now, the median text length of 1355 characters takes 7950 milliseconds to read.
@miickel Thanks for the reply. Good luck!