Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 2nd, 2017

How to know if you're a hipster 🐱👓
do you follow the latest trends and fashions, especially those outside mainstream? then you fit the dictionary's definition of a hipster, fyi.

while we're on the subject, let's talk about the best hipster tech on product hunt.

hipster business name generates a name & logo for your startup
like a hipster helps you discover the best hipster places around you
retro app store shows you today's app store, designed in 80's style
orée board bluetooth wooden keyboard will stand out in the office
vnyl is a hand-curated vinyl record subscription service you'll love
drone sweaters will keep your drone warm on a cold sf night
mica, the hipster cat, will give you hipster recommendations on fb

for more hipster awesomeness, check out duane's collection on product hunt, curated and updated since 2014.
Hipster Awesomeness
Voice will be one of the main ways we'll interact with devices, and Amazon in helping make that future come faster. If you have an idea for an Alexa skill, Amazon will now help you find developers to bring it to life. 🛠🗣