Mica, the hipster cat

Hipster recommendations by a hipster cat bot 😼

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hi, I'm barbara, the owner and maker of Mica, the Hipster Cat =>'.'<= If you you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything! Or ask Mica: http://m.me/hipstercatbot
@electrobabe Great product! I used it in my town, Wichita, KS, and got a few decent places, although I'd say there are a few more under-the-radar hipster places then what it showed, plus some places I wouldn't define as hipster. How do you currently decide what is hipster and what isn't?
@linkchef I'm glad you like the bot! :) well, I designed a special algorithm to check for hip places worldwide: I look up hipster venues in difference APIs such as Foursquare, Yelp, Google Places and Facebook Places and merge the data to display it to the user with a Facebook Messenger chat bot
Mica passed the test. SF's Zeitgest and Sightglass are hipster.
@rrhoover haha good to hear that :)
Great example for what kind of Facebook messenger bots we will see going fwd: Poncho gives you ⛅️ weather. Mica gives you recommendations of ☕️ hipster cafes and restaurants around you (or in other places).
@__tosh thank you for hunting :))
Hint: you can also send your location directly with facebook messenger to get fancy hipster places recommended ;)
NIce work :) Woah, I discovered hispter places in São Paulo hehe - btw... how do you find places? Is it possible for uses to contribute?
@aleattorium we are working on a recommendation system at the moment :)
@electrobabe Just curious, because I'm in Brazil, so where you get the recommendations is an important info :) btw what technologies were used?
@electrobabe btw, that's my interaction with the product: - would love to see it speak more "naturally" (especially when it asks How I am, I replied happy, it didn't get it)
@aleattorium well that's our sacred business secret ;)