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Hi, I'm Barbara and I made the LIKE A HIPSTER app together with Kathrin. We're happy to answer any questions you may have!
#whatbarbarasaid ;)
Love the idea and angle for a travel/tourism product & startup! I'm sure it's down to great founders! Good luck guys! I'm sure we can collaborate on something. I have a coffee finding map/app.
@stefamini thanks so much for your feedback, stefanie!! that sounds awesome!! congrats on your app as well! we'll check it out for sure! big fan of great coffee myself!! :D feel free to reach out to us at office (at) likeahipster (dot) com, if you like! have a great day!! xoxo
I suppose I could use this to avoid the places that hipsters love.
@jonmrich yes. that is indeed the use case of many of our heavy users.
I just noticed that the App Store button on your site links to an Amazon listing for the Nexus 5... not sure if a mistake or intentional trolling haha.
@ghobs91 hi andrew! may i refer you to our faq's regarding this question?! ;) xo kathrin, CTO (No. T doesn't stand for technical.. ^^)
What was your initial motivation for creating a social local mobile app focused on hipsters?
@__tosh Yes, I admit it: I like hipster bars/cafés/shops/"you name it". Why? Because they're cosy, comfy and coffee is usually really good. And that's why I'm on the lookout for them, even when I'm travelling. Yep. I really like good coffee. When Barbara told me, that she was working on an app, that could display restaurants nearby based on data pulled from different APIs, I thought: Hey! Let's join forces and make an app I can use on the road to celebrate my hipsterness anywhere I go! And here we are: Less than 24 hours later on Producthunt! LIKE A HIPSTER ftw!! :D