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This is awesome.... and so expected. I thought this would happen so badly that I built something like this myself! I had built a simple Alexa Skill and used PullString for that (who have the best support ever) and I was wondering, why isnt there somewhere yet that will let me find someone to build it for me. - Happy to chat about Alexa Skill stuff with anyone @bentossell Love the partnership with co's like @pullstringinc There are a select number of agencies on the platform, a few SDKs & Frameworks, and also Analytics providers. I love how Amazon are looking to what is going to be really valuable and has a screening process for the quality. They have not revealed what they use to vet companies yet though according to this article There is still the issue of discoverability and I hope that Amazon will be providing support/suggestions on how this can be improved and make the conversation with the builders a two way street! Relevant read: Alexa and Google Assistant have a problem: People aren’t sticking with voice apps they try
@bentossell @pullstringinc really excited to see more Alexa skills on
@bentossell thanks for sharing the relevant read. I'm interested in this seems like a great opportunity for someone to get it right. Audio Notifications would be a quite the hurdle to overcome, but then again we have alarm clocks/timers and music in movies/TV tell us when something is up.
@casielane perhaps something like "alexa, tell me what skills are trending" or similar "alexa what is a good skill for music" etc At the moment I get the weekly emails from Alexa but as the article mentions it needs to be native to where the interaction is happening for it to really stick I think
@bentossell I'm up for a chat on Alexa Skills
How much should it cost to have someone make an Alexa skill or Google Home skill for your app?
@sean_murphy Hi Sean, It strongly depends on the requirements of your project. It's like asking "how much should it cost to have someone make an iPhone or Android app?". - Disclaimer: I'm one of the software engineers at Mobiquity responsible for making Alexa skills.
@farbodsaraf the app is already made. So basically I just want to get an electrician, or book a plumber for a certain day or time from the app, similar to get me an uber action.