Orée Board 2

Real wooden bluetooth keyboard

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 24, 2016

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Unbox Therapy did a video on this keyboard a few hours ago!:
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@jordsta the poetry on the back of the box... i'm inspired. ;)
@jordsta just found a couple of other great videos :)
Looks cool! Not sure I'd pay $190 for a Bluetooth keyboard, though.
"Portable wireless keyboard handcrafted from single piece of solid premium wood" Wow these are crazy cool! How are they practically?
Awesome design. Looks surprisingly sleek. Funny, just saw an ad for a wooden watch on FB. I guess I'll wear my wooden watch while typing on my wooden keyboard. New age Geppetto.
@ginoferrand You can have wooden glasses as well.
@haseeb I'm gonna check those out. Thanks!
Somewhat dangerous here in the beaver state of Oregon.