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Hey PH fam! We are stoked to be here. Thanks to @rrhoover and @bentossell for hunting us. We made a special PRODUCTHUNT coupon code that gets you $20 off your first month of VNYL. VNYL personally curates between 1 and 3 new vinyl records for you every month based on your music tastes. You select a #vibe each month — i.e. #netflixandchill #funkouttahere #friendsgiving — and new vinyl arrives straight to your doorstep. We also deliver your curated vinyl in Los Angeles (and coming soon in other cities) in an hour via @postmates.
The maker team and I have been working really hard to make this an amazing music service. There's something incredibly magical about music on vinyl, and we hope you love it. Let us know if you guys have any questions about how we created the product or how it works as we'd love to help you learn about us and new music, especially on vinyl. You can also request an invite to join our VNYL music community channel. Just send an email to
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@nickalt How/where do you guys source your vinyl?
@shloky we work with almost all of the major and indie record labels.
Honestly, I couldn't be more excited and happy to be a VNYL Member. I subscribe to other vinyl clubs/deliveries and definitely enjoy them, but VNYL has become my favorite. There's just something about the element of surprise that really feels like you are getting a gift every month. The #vibes are always fun, and I've never been disappointed by a single shipment. The added bonus is how cool and interactive their staff has been with me, always there to help or to just to generally be amazing. Every month I get choices based off of my preferences (you are able to provide a ton of info on your music preferences and they base the choices around them) and a note from one of their awesome curators explaining the choices. I know there are people out there who have heard some overblown things about VNYL, but I can tell you from personal experience the records are brand new, worth MORE than what I pay a month, and always awesome. You'd be hard pressed to find a better vinyl curating club out there and this is well worth the purchase.
@nickalt Great to see VNYL on PH :) Everyone in the LA area should go to their store on Abbot Kinney, it's pretty magical!
VNYL delivery day has easily become one of my favorite days of the month! I completely love love love VNYL. This hasn't always been the case though. I've been a subscriber since early this year, and the bad stuff written about them was unfortunately true. After my first shipment in April (or May?) I was less than enthused and the second shipment was taking fooooooorever. I wrote them a couple of angry emails about it, but decided to wait until the shipment came before I was going to kill the subscription or not. (I had already paid for it anyways.) To my surprise, every record in the 2nd shipment was brand new and totally felt like someone actually read through my music profiles and picked these out for just for me. The hand written note even had a couple of suggestions for some Jazz I had mentioned in my music preferences. Every shipment since has been a real treat. I'm part of a couple of other clubs, but this is the only one that really feels like a good friend passing along some records you'd dig. Make sure you fill out your profile in detail and keep your Discogs up-to-date to avoid dupes. Keep it up guys! <3
@nobodyiscertain glad you're digging it Jamie! Glad to have you.
Just got my first batch in the mail yesterday! This service is awesome because they learn your tastes over time and send you new vibes each month.
@mager Glad you liked your vinyl selections Andrew! What was your #vibe?