Uber for medical marijuana

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I was on the fence about buying CBD oil. You hear a lot of influencers and individuals promoting CBD oil, but you don’t know how many are being honest. After taking yooforic CBD oil twice a day for the last week, I can say confidently that this has helped my anxiety so much! I can tell that I am much more relaxed and my mind is quieter. I’ve also noticed that I get a more restful and deep sleep when I take CBD oil before bed and I’ve lived with chronic sleep interruptions. This product has truly changed my life so far and I’m excited to continue taking this!
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I remember reading about this a few months back. I think it's interesting to see what services are rising using the "Uber for X" model. The product only allows you to order via Mobile Web at the moment. As far as the design goes, I wish it looked a little more like this https://dribbble.com/shots/16604... ;)
Canary is another "uber for cannabis" service in Seattle (pre-launch). cc @MrJosiahT
@rrhoover dude you got all these secret tricks (links + GIFs), show us the magic!
@bramk pro tip: use "a href" html tags to embed links. :)
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! Eaze looks like they're doing it right! There's definitely room for more than one competitor in this industry, especially with how much regulations change from market to market. Still, we've got a few tricks left up our sleeve. ;D Inquiries: hello@trycanary.co
@MrJosiahT Isn't the biggest competitor the dispensaries themselves, considering a large number deliver and people build loyalty.
@brackin Yes and no. There is a limit to the number of drivers that a company will have working in a district, and if they're on one side of town when a new request comes from the other side, there is going to be a delay in delivery or it'll go to someone that feeding delivery orders to multiple sources that may have a close driver. (We recently released the Bud Butler dispensary guide app and are working on a deliver app as well.)
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