Plug-n'-plant automatic cannabis home grow system

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Hey guys Yoni here! Founder of Leaf. So to answer a few questions: 1. We will have a lock, not a bio lock, but a lock nonetheless ;) 2. Accurate pricing info will be available in the fall but will fall in the $2000 range. There will be a payment plan available.
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Re: quality. Quality has been the leading force behind our engineering. After many tests together with experienced growers in Colorado and in Israel it became clear that "remote controlling" wasn't enough. We decided to add an air control system, meaning you can control the temp and humidity of the grow space within a certain range that plants love. Each strain grows differently, each phenotype within a specific strain grows differently, so we made sure the hardware could handle everything. In order to do this today you would need to turn on an AC in your grow room, or put a heater, which is wildly inefficient and impractical for most home grows. In our test grows we have been maximizing the potential each genetics we are using, and have been very happy with the results. As we get closer to launch in the fall we will continue to release grow results and testing, from final units, and not from prototypes. We want to be evaluated on results. Re: quantity. The design mindset behind Leaf was that it needs to supply enough for most consumers consumption while maintaining a decent size so that it would fit comfortably in a home. There were also logistics concerns about size and we didn't want shipping to be crazy amounts! Based on official data from legal states, as well as customer surveys, the 4-5 oz per grow cycle should provide most consumer's enough for their regular consumption. Perhaps not every single person, but I think we made the right decision for a first product. In the future, based on demand, we will probably create another size, most likely larger (but maybe a smaller one too if there is enough demand).
@joniofir Hi Yoni, will I be able to buy this in Israel and avoid waiting for international shipping? :)
@danr_4 Hey Dan, we'll be shipping to the USA and Canada to begin with, but working on international distribution, including Israel soon.
@joniofir @danr_4 Aren't there multiple legal issues with shipping this international?
@joniofir am I correct that some Pre-orders were $350?
Wow. Literally...just...wow 😮
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Cheers to getting this beauty released — Amazing job, Yoni!
It looks interesting and complex, but how much does it cost (a range is fine)? All I see is many prompts offering a 'discount'.
Great product congrats guys!