A space to commemorate products that have shut down operations or have been acquired. Each profile includes information about the product's shutdown circumstances, possible alternatives, and a comments section for users to leave a eulogy or funny story.

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Hi, I’m Duong the creator of Product Graveyard, a fun way to keep track of and commemorate our favorite products that are with us no more. I worked on this as a side project during my summer internship at Siftery. Hope you enjoy and please join in by contributing a funny story or eulogy for one of the featured products! If you want to help us find new products to feature, please fill out an “Autopsy” report here: https://siftery-track.typeform.c.... Edit: Thanks for the support and feedback everyone! As suggested by the community, I added four more products today. Keep submitting autopsy reports and I'll pick out the most requested products to feature next on Product Graveyard.
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@ndduong Love the idea and design, but it feels too 'happy' for the topic - perhaps something more sombre would suit it better? ✝
@lmenus I wanted to make Product Graveyard an inspiring place where we can honor great products and be thankful that they were once in our lives. Hence, the theme has a happier tone to it :)
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@lmenus Aww, but what if we don't want to be sad 😢 There are situations and cultures where commemorating the dead can be a more jovial affair! I grew up on Día de Muertos: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Da... And the calaveritas (fun epitaphs written about the dead - or living) that are a part of the modern-day celebration: http://www.calaveras-literarias.... https://calaverasliterarias.com.mx/
@ndduong This is a great idea, I think this is s a really cool project!
@ndduong @lmenus The site made me feel nostalgic remembering the good times. A happy kind of sad. If it were to be given a more sombre feel.. it'll make it very heartbreaking.
I love doing RIP startup tweets https://twitter.com/Nivo0o0/stat... and this product will make it easier to honor the fallen ones. ✊
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This is really well done! Love it. Would love to know more about the development of it... how did you come up with the idea, what did you use to build it, how did you build it, how long did it take etc?
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@bentossell Thanks! That really means a lot 🙂. The idea started from a talk at Siftery about how we can best help users quickly find alternatives to products they were using and are shut down. As for building the site, I used a bootstrap grid for front-end structure and node.js to help with filtering and inserting the data. The site took approximately 2 weeks from idea to product, and a couple more days for quality checking. It also helped that I had a lot of good data to work with from the beginning.
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This is a very sad place on the internet.
@theashtube slash a place to look for inspiration
Dammit why'd you have to remind me of sunrise 😭. But for real, this is fun, nice work!
@calebulf Yeah. Sunrise was beautiful! :(