California Dreamin' makes delicious, all natural cannabis infused sodas for a light social high.

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I wonder how many people will just use this to make a rum-and-coke-and-weed?
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The team presented at yesterday's YC Demo Day, handing out free cannabis-infused drinks. I'm particularly interested in alternative foods (e.g. Impossible Foods, Finless Foods, Kin Social Tonic) that focus on offering a healthier, more sustainable alternative. We all know how much damage alcohol does to our own bodies and society (this article underlines the issue).
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@rrhoover How many did you drink?
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@rrhoover Check out our product on here too, we aren’t in a fancy accelerator but trying to make the online cannabis market more easily accessible. Check “Save On Cannabis” we are the Retail Me Not of the online cannabis market.
@allthingsmarco I haven't tried it but @suzywillow has a few bottles from Demo Day. 😁
@rrhoover @suzywillow - going to need to try a sip next time i see you! :)
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I heard about this. I have heard nothing but great things about cannabis infused products. Dope 🚬🚬
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Congrats on the launch @jonbishop! Which flavor do think pairs the best with cannabis? Depending on ratios, it seems like citrus flavors could work well. How is the grapefruit?
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@duilen Thanks Dane! Citrus mixes best with cannabis, but we're pretty happy with how the other flavors turned out.
oooh time-saver :D
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