Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 17th, 2018

Shopify wants you to buy things in AR
Online shopping is coming to Augmented Reality.

Shopify just launched a magic tool for online sellers to build augmented reality experiences into their stores. Soon, you'll be able to test out your next bike in AR or visualize your next sofa directly inside your house before it arrives.

This feels like a natural extension of the Shopify platform (which launched their App Store a few weeks ago). We can't wait to see AR pop-up shops all around San Francisco (and the world). 🌉

The timing is perfect. Just last week, Apple announced the inclusion of the new A12 Bionic chip in every every iPhone Xs and Xs Max. It's nearly as powerful as the processor in a brand new Macbook Pro, making previously impossible AR experiences possible.

Shopify isn't the only e-commerce giant to dip their toes into the augmented reality water. Amazon's AR view lets you try products in your house before you order. Lululemon competitor Outdoor Voices launched an AR shopping experience for their new running line. IKEA took things one step further with a completely VR furniture shopping experience.

We’ve seen a toooon of apps explore augmented reality this year, as you’ll discover in the AR topic on Product Hunt (followed by 34K+ people). ✨
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In other news: Amazon just launched a Shopify competitor. Coincidence? 🤔
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