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This reimagined app store is Shopify's investment in app developers who build scalable solutions for eCommerce and retail merchants on Shopify. With improved UX, better app classifications, and machine learning powered search and recommendations, it's now easier than ever for entrepreneurs to find the perfect apps to grow their businesses.

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We've been in the Shopify App Store for quite some time, and I have to say, the team at Shopify has been there for us when we needed them. Even when we were small and were not driving much install revenue. To me, that says a lot about the apps team. I love the new App Store, but I appreciate you guys even more! If you're an app developer and are looking at Shopify, I highly recommend working to get listed. Tons of opportunities!
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Super excited to share with the world Shopify's new app store! it's easier than ever for merchants to find apps that will help grow their businesses and decide which ones fit their needs the most. To makers out there: we're continuously investing in our app ecosystem and a ton of opportunities lie on the platform so we're also inviting you to check out this sleek and functional B2B app marketplace and create some apps of your own :)
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@jonathan_zhao1 This is unexpected Jonathan! Any idea why there hasn't been any communication with the teams already present in the App Store about the launch date or unmet requirements? We found out today that our apps are now unlisted, simply by following this link on Product Hunt. And we have more than 20 apps there, used probably by thousands of users. Example:
hey @andupotorac sorry to hear that! it's super important to us that app devs like yourself don't miss out so we've sent a ton of communications to every email address on file for all apps since Q4 of last year (with increased reminder frequency in recent months) along with banners inside the partners app. We're going to dig into why it wasn't received on your side but most immediately someone on the team will reach out to you right now but in case for some reason all addresses we have on file doesn't reach you, can you send an email to with subject line: "Urgent: for App QA Team"? We'll get your apps listed. Thanks!
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For makers out there, we just published information on how to best succeed on Shopify's app store, covering topics from ranking factors to common pit falls etc. Highly recommended for those already on our platform or thinking about launching apps on there, read it here:
Every major platform eventually creates an App Store. Intercom's App Store is another recent example of this. Shopify has had a vibrant app ecosystem for a while. Curious to know how it's evolved over the years. 🤔
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@rrhoover thanks for the praise on our vibrant app ecosystem, you're right, it keeps growing at a surprising speed. Commerce has evolved tremendously in the years since our original app store was launched. Newer ways to start selling fast, bring and convert traffic, automate operations, and scale. But while all this was happening our original app store wasn't keeping up with the demand from both sides (merchants and app developers). This launch might look beautiful on the surface but the true power lies underneath, where we have much deeper data on 2000+ apps, data that we use to help match merchants to the best apps for their needs and automatically give better qualified leads to app devs.
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@rrhoover Hey Ryan, the app inventory is different based on the customer's jobs to be done. In the case of Intercom vs Shopify, it's completely different. The "major platform" aspect is also quite important. While there's a bit over a thousand DIY website building platforms that I researched, investing resources to build for each of them wouldn't make sense for developers - even if they would have App Stores available. A recent use-case is the relaunched CloudFlare App Store (with the purchase of Eager), where there isn't much engagement from (6M+) customers. These would be other platforms that have App Stores: * Adobe Muse * AppDirect * CloudFlare * EventBrite * Framer X * Hootsuite * iBuildApp * Intercom * JotForm * Shopify * Weebly * Wix And then there's the usual CMS platforms (WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, TicTail, etc - about 40 of them).
@jonathan_zhao1 That's really awesome. Are you able to share some of the signals Shopify is using to determine which app is appropriate for which merchant?
@geetfun definitely, happy to share, we published this information for the first time this morning, you can read it here:
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@jonathan_zhao1 Awesome. Love the app store and the new UI.
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Nice job folks! Very exciting to see this released. Looks way better!
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@finbarr love your app, very impressive, used it on my own stores
Very interesting! Spocket was launched on Product Hunt yesterday. We have been Shopify's partner for the past year and couldn't ask for more. Super excited for the new app store and how partners are growing at the speed of Shopify's growth. Nice job App Team.
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