AR view lets you view products in your home before you buy them. You can see how they fit, and test how they look. Curious whether a throw pillow is the right shade of blue, or whether a mixer you like will fit under the counter? Now just pull out your phone to find out.

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Amazon doing this feels like a game changer, right?
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This is seriously awesome. I was trying to purchase a bean bag online a few days back but couldn't decide which size would be right. Hope to get the Android release soon. 😁
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This is going to be the next step of digitalization. Now we don't need to rely on going to the store.
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@kydyzyx considering Amazon barely has IRL retail, this is leapfrogging that whole era of commerce!

Super excited about the potential of it. Might be a gimmick that dies out in a few months but will be hugely useful when we have a more available, comfortable AR medium that's always on us (holding up phone won't cut it).


Great way to see 360 degree detail / closeup of the product that I otherwise can't from images.


Would take a while before every item can be digitized and viewable.

How does Amazon determine the 3D models of the objects? Are they provided by the vendor or do they generate a 3D model themselves somehow?