Product Hunt Weekly Digest
September 9th, 2018

NEW Google Chrome 🖥️✨
A new Google Chrome has arrived.

The browser loved by 55%+ of the world has a completely new design, focused on productivity and security:
  • Tabs have been completely redesigned to let you quickly scroll through your open windows. Tab hoarders everywhere rejoice.
  • The in-browser password, address, and credit card number manager is rebuilt to make it easier to spend all your money while surfing the internet.
  • Answers now appear directly in your omnibox (where you'd typically enter a URL). Instead of having to Google a question, Chrome will pull the answer up automatically without loading a full web page.
Up next on Google's to-do list? Killing the URL. 😬

"They’re hard to read, it’s hard to know which part of them is supposed to be trusted, and in general I don’t think URLs are working as a good way to convey site identity. We want to challenge how URLs should be displayed." – Adrienne Porter Felt, Chrome's engineering manager

They've tried this before: in 2014, the team tested the "origin chip", a feature that only displayed the main domain on your current tab. It was quickly deprecated and never launched publicly. We'll have to wait and see what their next iteration looks like. AOL Keywords were farrrr ahead of their time. 😂

The new Google Chrome is live for Mac, PC, Android, and iOS today. Do you like the new design? Share your thoughts with the community.
new google chrome
"Every morning I check Product Hunt to remind myself that building is beautiful and founders are fearless." – Micah Baldwin

Fearless founders are here to save the day.

Some of the most successful startups from the last decade seemed crazy when they launched. Uber asked customers to get in a stranger's car. Coinbase lets anybody buy and sell magic internet money. Lil Miquela, with her 1.4M Instagram followers, isn't a real person.

There's no shortage of fearless founders:

🚁 Zipline uses autonomous drones to deliver urgent blood, vaccines, and medicine to remote hospitals across Africa. Their drones fly at 80MPH and can deliver supplies up to 100 miles away. "I used to see the drones fly and think ‘they must be mad’, until the same drone brought me blood and saved my life."

🎙️ Lyrebird lets you impersonate anybody's voice. Ghost-written and recorded podcasts could be coming soon... or #fakenews powered by falsified audio recordings of public officials. Facehub will even let you face-swap in realtime directly on your iPhone.

🛴 Scootbee is building self-driving, decentralized shared scooters. Push a button, and a scooter will drive to you. Hop on and ride to your destination – the scooter will drive away in search of a new rider. They're launching on the heels of Bird and Lime each raising hundreds of millions shortly before Uber and Lyft announced their scooter strategies. Big competition.

💅 Wanna Nails lets you try on nail polish in Augmented Reality. Simliar to INKHUNTER (tattoos), Sephora's Virtual Artist (makeup), and Fabby Hair (hair colors)... all in AR. Next step: full outfits in VR?

☠️ Die With Me is a chat app for people with less than 5% of battery life. We promise we're not draining our battery on purpose to use on the app.
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