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I actually think this idea should also be available for plastic surgery, and in VR.
@nassaraf there are a couple plastic surgery simulators in the App Store. Docs have more advanced programs in office and is more precise. VR is cool but why not in real life? 💋#beautyinnovation #automatedlife #workingonit
Glad Sephora is leveraging Modiface AR technology. Very good implementation. Fall in love in your virtual tutorials 🖤
But can Sephora make me as beautiful as my Meitu? 😚
Look how incredibly integrated it on their app. Idk who's behind this🤔 hope someone let us know!
I love this, I wanted to do this as a feature for an app a while back - I'm so glad they've executed (on this idea I also had) so greatly!!! Gonna test it out right now D: