Copy the voice of anyone, using a voice imitation algorithm

Lyrebird is developing a new generation of speech synthesis technologies that lets anyone copy anyone's voice using a voice imitation algorithm.

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People often think of Augmented Reality as being purely visual but it has the capability of influencing all of our senses, including what we hear. Can't wait to clone Morgan Freeman's voice and troll my friends on the phone. 😁
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@rrhoover Only thing that's left is smell-o-vision
@rrhoover Was excited to try it, but saw it is not available for use yet. Wondering if maybe pre-launch products should be listed separately from the main featured products of the day?
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@adammash @rrhoover I concur, as this is pre-launch, it leads to some disappointment that's it's unavailable.
@rrhoover "AR has the capability of influencing all of our senses.." That's definitely a quote to remember! Yeah - bummed I couldn't try it out yet! Exciting though!!
Mix that with this. Who needs actors anymore? Who knows what's real? Wow.
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@arlogilbert Wow! Very cool! Also a bit scary, for the potential harm it could do. Something like this, used for nefarious purposes, could literally start wars. The artist in me loves the idea. And I'm sure lots of commercials will use this, now. But wow. That is scary.
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@arlogilbert Is this software public? (Face2Face)
@arlogilbert This is super scary, some nerd is going to start WW3 from his basement. This is the kind of tech the government will end up outlawing, and I would support that decision.
Will it replicate David Attenborough? Or Morgan Freeman?
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@eonpilot Will it create a Morgan Attenborough hybrid and freaking make everyone go into a catatonic state of narrative mic drop?
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THIS IS NOT COOL Y'all. Politics is only gonna get more fucked up with this stuff.
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@mattahorton Prank calls will never be the same tho ^^
How is this product different from adobe's project VoCo? Except for the delivery mechanism. I smell a patent war!
@sasank Can't patent what you cant see. ;)
@sasank yep, also interested, what is the catch and whether this might be pattented already