Fabby Hair

Discover what you'd look like with a new hair color!

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What do you think? Ok, @andreasklinger's turn. Post a fabby selfie and tag a friend.
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@rrhoover amazing! ✨ tagging @katesegrin 😬
@rrhoover @andreasklinger I now firmly believe that you should dye your hair teal. I will advocate for this the way I campaigned for @ayrton's long hair.
@rrhoover @ayrton @katesegrin don't distract - add selfie! ;)
@rrhoover @ayrton @andreasklinger this takes me to a whole new level of hipster. http://imgur.com/a/bTpZu
This is a neat and more focused app from the team behind Fabby. Imagine the applications in the AR world!
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@andreykulik @melnichek - Fabulous result ;)
@rohachova_o you are welcome :) it opens up a lot of other applications in AR+beautification field.
@andreykulik I totally agree! You are doing incredible work in AI, CV and AR. Keep it up!
Fun app with really good hair tracking. Feature request: change beard color