Self-driving, dockless scooters from Singapore

Scootbee is building a fleet of autonomous, self-driving scooters available in an instant. Plug in your location, and a scooter will scoot its way over to you. Take it wherever you need to go, and then hop off - it'll scoot away to its next guest.

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This is the missing link... Definitely an upgrade to Lime and Bird. Those are amazing... but adding self parking, autonomous deployment and recharging makes this a billion dollar idea. They took a brilliant new idea and solved many of the pain points: City concerns about scooters scattered everywhere, Demand Management now scooters can be deployed to where demand is and Finally... when the battery is weak... return home. This team is awesome... they are design thinkers in every sense. I hope they raise a massive round.
This is dope. Feels like the next generation of scooter startups here in the US (Lime, Bird, etc.). At the same time, if residents freak out when self-driving food delivery bots arrive on the streets, how are they going to feel about these? Cultural attitudes are the biggest barrier. Hopefully we can overcome them. 🤗
@nickabouzeid Probably going to get plenty of resistance. I saw a garage full of these a few weeks back though, pretty sweet looking
@ggleeson01 Here in SF? Where? Would love to check them out 😳
@nickabouzeid Ya in SF. I don't remember where it was (sorry I'm new). I was in a Lyft and we stopped in front of a pretty unassuming garage filled with, what I'm assuming were, these yellow scooters **EDIT: pardon the hype- realizing that these could have been Skip scooters. too many scooter start-ups to keep track of. 🙃
@ggleeson01 Hard to keep track sometimes! 😅
I really like the idea. However I couldn't find on the website or anywhere what incentives they plan to implement prevent bad actors? For instance, what would prevent someone from jumping on one of these while it was on self navigation mode to a person?
@besttimyouknow Idea for this is to detect the proximity of the requester's mobile device and only get enabled if the person riding is the same one. If it detects that another person jumps on it, then it could literally stop, notify the requester of an incident why it would be late. Yes, resolving the negative scenarios (there would be a lot) would be a challenge..
It seems interesting. No info on the website but I guess it will be USA only.
The cost-per-scooter seems like it would ruin the business model. The only reason that Lime and Bird have a shot at making a profit is because a single scooter needs to run a few hundred trips to pay for itself. This scooter would either have to run many more trips (to cover the extra hardware cost) or it would need to be more expensive. The latter is unpalatable and the former seems unlikely (these scooters get abused on the streets; I can't imagine a single scooter lasting more than a year). Also, how will these things detect traffic signals?? I'll believe it when I see it, hardware-wise.