Product Hunt Weekly Digest
September 2nd, 2018

NEW iPhone leaked πŸ“±πŸŽ
The new iPhone has been LEAKED.

9to5Mac leaked an unreleased photo of the two new iPhone XS models, set to replace the iPhone X this fall. The leak is timely: Apple announced their their annual keynote late last week, slated for September 12th.

The iPhone XS will come in two sizes: a 5.8in model identical to the current iPhone X, and a larger 6.5in model like the 7 and 7+ from 2016.

Our biggest question: how is the "iPhone XS" pronounced? Is it the "iPhone 10 S," "iPhone Excess," or the "iPhone Extra Small"? Is the larger model called the "iPhone Extra Small Plus"? We're here to ask the most important questions.

To keep yourself distracted until September 12th, here's a list of our favorite productivity-killing apps:

πŸ‘ΎΒ The Internet Arcade (900+ classic arcade games, no quarters required)
🐍 Snake on a Chrome: The classic game, now in your browser
πŸ–₯Β Giphy Tab: Ridiculous GIFs in every new Chrome tab
😎 Netflix Super Browse: Let's you pick Netflix's secret genres
😑 Annoisli: Listen to screaming babies and sirens at work

We apologize in advance for all the time that will be lost. For more, check out the Anti-Productivity collection on Product Hunt. 😜
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