Namefruits AI finds the right name for your startup, from creation to checking your favourite names for free domains, trademarks, and quality, sound and usability. Even if you don't know the direction you want to go with your business name: Namefruits will find out for you.

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I was starting to use it and it asked a bunch of the same questions (checkboxes and then individual windows)

You don't have category for apps or social media which is ridiculous. Quit after 5 minutes of answering questions.


It's an interesting idea


There's no real way to try it without registering, poor category choices for business types

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Hey Max, Thanks for your review. I would just like you to know that you can also choose "apps" as business/name type.

From what I can see on the website, there isn't much return in value for paying that amount of money. Although the idea is good, I would like to see a free package with limited options, maybe also different tier levels of packages. Something that I have to point out is that Naming a product / project or anything today requires you more or less to have a presence on the Internet. I don't see domain name availability or suggestions. So what if all the names it suggests aren't available on the most popular TLDs?

I would need more convincing to give out that much money for an "AI" to suggest names. I believe there are better ways to find great names for your own products.


Naming suggestions?


Expensive & only a single purchase package

Hi Owen, Thank you very much for your review. There is a one-time-fee because you get much more than with typical name generators. And yes, there is an extensive name checking for all names being suggested: not only for available domains, but also for trademarks, social communities, app stores. Additionally, names are being checked in terms of sound, effect and suitability for professional use. ;-)
Guess I'll be the first to say it, the site looks scammy and not trust-worthy. That combined with it somehow making it to the top of Product Hunt makes me think something shady is going on with this product.
Hi @calebsylvest, Hen here from NameRobot. Can you specify why you come to this impression? We would like to avoid this impression. NameRobot (Company behind Namefruits) as a company existed for 9 years. We've been helping people find their names since this time. Mark is well known as a name finder for movies and product names in German-speaking countries. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. :-)
@calebsylvest hm...that is too bad. I think your feeling pretty much deceives you here. Interested to learn more about the background, how it came to Namefruits and how long we have been working on it?
@de_henne sure, here are a few thoughts off the top of my head: 1. Design. The visual design of the brand and website come off as a theme. There is no distinguishing factor for the Namefruits brand or originality. Looks like it was thrown together in a couple hours. Uses generic unrelated images. Icons that have no relation to the text copy. I could go on... 2. Copy. There is a lot of text copy, but very little is meaningful or helpful. Lots of duplicate copy. 3. Social Proof. Could use testimonials and quotes proving people actually use the product (or other naming services). 4. Samples. The product claims to create the perfect name, but there is only one PDF report as an example. Give us some demo samples or real world samples proving the process works. 5. Historical Proof. You mention the history of the company and past successes. Use that leverage to back up why people should take Namefruits serious. 6. Demo. Some sort of accessible demo would be nice. Even the "Try it now" demo seems fake as it requires a signup first, asks a bunch of questions, then requires payment before getting any kind of response. Just a few thoughts, hope they are helpful!
hey @calebsylvest thank you for your detailed answer and your time! This will help in any case and i really appreciate it. I'm gonna bring this up on the team for discussion. Some points make sense to me too. Thank you. :-)
I am surprised this is #1 product of the day. First of all, asking $199 for this service without a demo or free trial looks a bit scary. I guess there's really no way of knowing if your tool can give good suggestions or not... Coming up with your own name is something each founder should always do themselves. After all if it's your business would you let someone else name it? Also things like domain availability, trademarks, and app names can be checked in like 2 mins, so those particular features are not so valuable imho. Also you mention that names are being checked in terms of sound, effect and suitability for professional use, all of that is just a matter of opinion and it has no proven value here. However if you were to suggest nonregistered .com domains for startups as part of your service that would actually justify the $199 price, but you currently don't offer that.
@alexwinkyface Hey Alex, Thanks for your thoughts. If you are creative and linguistically talented, you probably don't need any support. But in my opinion as a brand namer it is much more important for a business founder to PICK the right name instead of creating it totally on your own and without any help. Even as a professional writer you will not want to miss a text program that will help you write. ;-) Regarding trademark screenings: yes, you can do that relatively quickly yourself, at least as far as identical brands are concerned. For similar brands, it will be tricky again. Sound, effect and suitability are a matter of opinion on the one side but you can do a lot to analyze the name linguistically, e.g. does a name sound big, small, rather masculine or feminine, harder or softer... Namefruits does suggest non-registered .com and other domains. But not only - it depends on what you plan to do. Even your - by the way cool - app Encore ist not related to or (as far as I could see) ;-)
Hi product hunters, I'm one of the founders of and I'm happy to introduce our brandnew tool Namefruits after a looong period of conceptioning and developing. I'm looking forward to answering your questions about our brand naming tool. As an experienced brand naming consultant I'm also glad to help you with questions about startup naming in general. Thank you for your feedback :-) Cheers, Mark Namefruits doesn't suggest random names. There is an extensive name checking for all names being suggested: not only for available domains, but also for trademarks, social communities, app stores. Additionally, names are being checked in terms of sound, effect and suitability for professional use. Namefruits checks the quality of all generated names and if they are fit for use. So you can be sure that all the right boxes have been ticked before deciding for a name. :-) Get your name, as done by hand and completely checked. Instead of paying thousands of $$$ for a professional namer, you only pay $199 for your customized name. 50% off for all product hunters: just send us a message to after confirming your account. Why a new brand naming tool or business name generator? We developed 8 years ago which is a huge box full of great naming tools. It helps you to create your unique startup name. Many of our users love to play with the different tools and settings others said they were looking for a tool that's even easier to use. But still a tool which creates individual and diverse names. For a long time we thought easy-to-use on the one side and high-quality on the other side could not go together. But one day we started conceptioning and developed Namefruits which brings both demands together - using artifical intelligence and deep learning. EASY No lengthy user manuals, no complicated tutorials: Simply answer easy multiple-choice questions about your project – Namefruits takes care of the rest and suggests personalized, unique and creative name ideas. You simply have to choose which one you like best. SOPHISTICATED Project definition, USP, idea research, name creation, usability checks, and so forth... Naming is a complex process, and as a layman it's easy to lose track. Namefruit thinks ahead and takes care of all important aspects of the naming process for you to help you find the best name for your project.
@nameroboten why is it paid? and why surprise users about payment at the end? could have been informed first itself
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@nambitious Hi nambitious (what a cool name by the way), Thanks for your question. There is a "pricing" directly in the menu above. It is a paid service because you get much more than with typical name generators who finance themselves through domain commissions: Individual profile building, creation of different name types, use of AI, name checks (domains, trademarks, social communities, app stores). And there is a name evaluation in terms of sound, effect and suitability for professional use. :-)
@namefruits @nameroboten been filling the form only to find out you need to pay before even try it. Not cool dude.
@namefruits @nameroboten I like the concept, can understand it costs money, but the fact that I don't see examples or can't try a thing for free makes that I won't use it. Give me at least great examples. Convince.
@namefruits @alan_gomez We have already improved that, thank you