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Product Hunt Radio is a weekly podcast with the people creating and exploring the future. Tune in every week with the founders, investors, journalists, and makers shaping the future of tech and culture.

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Long-time Product Hunt community members may remember the podcast we started back in 2015. I've been a fan and listener of the medium for years so it was exciting to start our very own podcast at the time. But then we got super busy and quietly ended the show. Fast forward nearly a few years later, I tweeted this earlier in the year: Today we're officially announcing the new podcast and thanks to our sponsors – Airtable, Stripe, Intercom, and GE – we're putting a lot more effort into the show this time around. We're also featuring you on the show with community call-ins. Give us a ring at (707) 785–6152 and in 30 seconds tell us about a product or app you love that more people need to know about. We'll include some of the responses in upcoming shows. The first episode will drop in a few weeks so subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Overcast, or wherever you listen to podcasts. But until then, we'd love to know who you would like to hear on the show. Tag your favorite founders, investors, reporters, and makers and let us know why you want to hear them on the podcast. 😊
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@rrhoover I think it would be very interesting to have people like Kevin Rose, Jason Calacanis, Kara Swisher, or Hiten Shah on the show - sort of switching roles with entrepreneurs/reporters/investors that have a podcast of their own.
@rrhoover yasss! congrats!
@rrhoover do you moderate incoming calls, especially their pitches? We're some kind of Intercom competitor, yeah, we're too tiny, but anyway. Someone told me that AppSumo declines products that are similar to Sumo to be featured
@rrhoover @ryangilbert Agree on the switched roles. That would make for a great interview. We had Jason on the AngelList podcast a while back, and it was a great episode. Here is the episode:
Aw man, so exciting! I would love to hear @anildash and @jennschiffer from @FogCreek / @Glitch talk about ethics in tech. It’s a topic I don’t hear discussed enough and both Dash and Schiffer have been promoting the discourse for years now. They’re both just great speakers too. Each has a bunch of great talks on YouTube.
@barnabybones funny enough, @anildash will be on the show. I got a chance to (finally) meet him in person when visiting New York last month.
@barnabybones @anildash @rrhoover love the topic idea. Look forward to it!
@anildash @rrhoover oh, that’s awesome! I still think Schiffer would be a great addition to the show as well. Her is awesome, as is her work with Glitch, and again, her thoughts on ethics in tech. She’s also super funny, so I think it would make for a great show! Either way, excited to check out this podcast when it’s up! Subscribed & ready 💯.
This looks great Ryan! I can't wait to tune in. I'm a big fan of the Indie Hackers podcast so I can add this one to my list
@karltaylor_ nice! @csallen will be on the podcast and funny enough, I believe he's publishing an episode of Indie Hackers podcast with me later this week. 🙌🏼
@csallen @rrhoover brilliant, can't wait.
The podcast is back... Extremely excited 😊.
@dredurr I hope you call in, Dre. 📞
Ryan, so glad you decided to bring the podcast back to life. The current line-up looks solid and will keep an eye out for the release. The guests I'd love to see are @naval for his timeless wisdom about tech and where it's going (can never get enough of that!), @dcancel to share his experience of building an authentic brand like Drift and @hiten to share his lessons interesting product experiments with solid research. Thank you!
@thisiskp_ awesome suggestions!
@naval @dcancel @hiten @thisiskp_ 2nd the @dcancel vote! Love the podcadt he does with @davegerhardt .