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FREE Forever Website Monitoring & Status pages 🤩

#5 Product of the WeekAugust 28, 2018

Monitor 50 URLs at 1-minute interval & alerts you via email, Slack or SMS when it is down. You’ll also get 5 Public status pages, Multi-user login (upto 30 users), Global latency & Apdex Reporting.

All of the above features are FREE forever.

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  • Simon Bennett
    Simon BennettCreator of,

    Simple to use


    23 minutes of downtime due to release bug

    Been using Freshping to monitor SnapShooter however got an email today telling me they had 23 minutes of downtime. Very happy they owned the issue however.

    Simon Bennett has used this product for one month.
  • Rohit Agarwal
    Rohit Agarwal❤️Products, SaaS, The free internet.

    - Love the friendly feel of this monitoring tool. Unlike all other "serious" tools.

    - The Reports section is very detailed!


    - None that I can think of

    This is going to give a lot of products a run for their money being free and having everything a small to medium sized business needs including monitoring, alerts, multiple check types and even status pages. I'm guessing this would tie in very nicely with the other Freshworks' products as well.

    Rohit Agarwal has used this product for one month.


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sri venkata reddy G
sri venkata reddy GMaker@srivenkatareddy · Technical Lead @zarget, Founder @insping
👋 Hunters, This is Venkat from Freshworks. We're launching Freshping, an uptime monitoring & Status page tool today. Freshping monitors 50 URLS (Websites) at 1-minute interval & alerts you via email, Slack or SMS when it is down, FREE forever. FREE forever features of Freshping are listed below - - 50 URLs monitored every minute for downtime - 5 Public status pages (configurable) - Multi-user login & 30 users - 10 Global locations: Understand how your website’s status and response time for customers located across the globe - Apdex reporting - In-depth reports, Outage history & Global latency - Email, Twilio (SMS), Freshdesk, Freshservice, Slack integrations - Multi-Channel notification: Slack, Twilio, Email, Freshdesk, Freshservice & more - With webhooks, create your own integration with any app - Free Public status pages: Communicate status of your web service & incidents with your customers in real time Please try us out & let us know things you like & things you want us to improve🤞
Sam Udotong
Sam Udotong@sudotong · CTO -
Really great product and consistently works! Eliminates a lot of headache with making sure that my services are up. Great job from such a small team, definitely one of the products that I consistently recommend
ShyamMaker@connectshyam ·
@sudotong thanks, means a.lot ! Please do let us know things that we cud improve as well.
Jens Gössing
Jens Gössing@jens_gossing
Nice and clean product that is easy to handle and has some nice integrations to both freshworks and non-freshworks services. Support is quick and straight forward. Needs some tweeking in the final setup of all features but it seems to be well in progress.
ShyleshMaker@shan_shylesh · Product @Freshworks
Thanks @jens_gossing. Please share with us any feedback you have on setup of features.
Jens Gössing
Jens Gössing@jens_gossing
@shan_shylesh Just waiting for the slack integration but as I know you are going to enable it soon ;) In terms of tickets for downtime in freshdesk it would be nice if the notification about uptime would be posted into the existing downtime ticket ;)
Sowmya Raman
Sowmya RamanMaker@sowmya_raman · Customer Success Marketer
@jens_gossing Thanks for your honest feedback. we have rolled out our Slack and Twilio integrations somedays back, please try them out and let us know what you like and what you want us improved.
Jens Gössing
Jens Gössing@jens_gossing
@sowmya_raman cool, thanks. can i somehow configure which alert to be posted in which channel (and if)?
Priyaa Ramesh
Priyaa Ramesh@priyaa_ramesh · Data scientist
Wow. Status pages for FREE! That's a killer. Now, finally I can stop paying for a status page. Can I remove the branding 'powered by Freshping' from the status page?
ShyleshMaker@shan_shylesh · Product @Freshworks
Thanks @priyaa_ramesh. You could also customize your status page & point it your own URL. Currently, you cannot remove the 'powered by freshping' from the status page.
Joe Kurian
Joe Kurian@joekuriank · Digital Marketing Expert