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June 27th, 2022

Deel’s new launch tackles payroll for international teams across 90+ countries

These past few years, we’ve seen products tackling remote work in all shapes and sizes. From fun socials with your remote (global) team to async collaboration tools and job search engines, much of it wouldn’t be possible without solid hiring tools.

We first saw Deel launch on Product Hunt in 2019 as a way for companies to hire people from all over the world without needing to create an entity in each country or having to deel with the paperwork. It since skyrocketed into a $12B unicorn that also tackles other parts of the business, like payroll.

Deel's Global Payroll allows companies to manage payroll across 90+ entities in one unified dashboard. This means you no longer have to pay your team using separate vendors, which, as Deel’s co-founder Alex Bouaziz put it, “makes it hard to analyze data, creates more room for error, and adds substantial operational cost, time, and complexity when running payroll each month.”

Regardless of which country your team members work from, Deel’s payroll lets you view and adjust salaries, benefits, bonuses, and expenses in the same dashboard. The product also integrates with HR tools like Workday, BambooHR, and Hibob to remove manual work and manage data inconsistencies.

Have questions about how it works? Leave them here for Alex and the Deel team.

Payday across the world
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