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August 8th, 2018

Can't think of a good subject line
Writer's block sucks.

I mean, hmm... nah. Maybe we'll start it out with...

It's impossible to get started writing anything. That irritating, blinking cursor never ceasesd mocking me.

No, mocking isn't the right word... hmm... let's just start over. Rrrrg. 😠
Writer's block really does suck, but Boston University senior Jules Schenkel is here to help with Typeboost, a writing app that automatically pauses your favorite music if you stop writing.

"In high school, I struggled with essay writing. I built Typeboost to help me overcome my writing anxiety and type up a quick first draft."

Instead of stressing over the perfect sentence, Typeboost lets anyone force their way through a first draft of a blog post, essay, or newsletter. 😅

Jules isn't the only maker to tackle writing anxiety. The Most Dangerous Writing App and Flowstate actually delete your words when you pause. Keep writing, or the text fades away and disappears forever.

And then there are apps to help avoid awkwerd grammer typos and silly messtakes. Grammarly, a powerful typo-finder backed with $110M in funding, proofreads all of your writing in your browser. The Hemingway Editor automatically makes your words bold and clear.

Check out the full collection of Dangerous Writing Apps or forward to a friend without judgment. 😉
Dangerous Writing Apps

A startup has invented a real-life WALLE, and it's adorable. 🤖🤗

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