Hemingway Editor 2.0

An editor that makes your writing bold and clear

Would you recommend Hemingway Editor 2.0 to a friend?


Ugur Kaner
@ugurkaner · Product designer w/ superpowers
Been using Hemingway for a while, find it really helpful. New version is out for Mac/Win with new features like formatting, import/export and auto update. Happy 2.0 upgrade is free to those who originally have the app.
Thibaut Davoult
@thibautdavoult · Growth, getsolid.io
I have to say I'm conflicted about this app. After using the web version for about a day, I decided to pay for it instantly because it just brings so much value. I tend to write very long sentences so Hemingway has been great to keep me grounded. I find my blogposts have become a lot more readable and enjoyable thanks to Hemingway. That said, the desktop ap… See more
Jason Ephraim
@growwithjason · Campus Director @DigitalCrafts Houston
I use the webapp occasionally and it works great. I'm curious why you chose to land on the mac purchase page? http://www.hemingwayapp.com/desk... is much more descriptive and includes the PC option.
Wes Bos
What is new in Version 2?
Nik Graf
@nikgraf · Engineer @ Serverless
I'm bought the Hemingway Editor a while ago and it proved to be really handy. I use it on a daily basis to verify my writings are simple enough. Mainly I double check longer emails, meeting summaries I post to Slack and for blog posts. Fantastic tool. Thx for developing it @adam_b_long