Hemingway Editor 2.0

An editor that makes your writing bold and clear

#3 Product of the WeekJuly 20, 2015
  • Alex Mulhearn
    Alex MulhearnCreative, VaynerMedia

    Simple, smart, user interface. Great gut-check app.


    Not always accurate. Won't replace a true copy editor.

    I use Hemingway Editor as a gut check for all my creative copy. It's never going to replace real eyeballs on your work, but it's a wonderful first-pass tool. Go ahead. Give your words a spin!

    I even used it on the sentences above:

    Grade level: 2 (Good)

    Reading Time: 00:00:08

    Letters: 148

    Words: 36

    Sentences: 4

  • Sofia Sembai
    Sofia SembaiContent Manager

    Helps to edit a final version of an essay to make it 'reader-friendly'


    Haven't noticed

    As I was used to academic writing, it was difficult for me to change my writing to more casual and simple. I did like long sentences and complex constructions but this service helped me to switch to semi-formal style needed for blog posts.

    Sofia Sembai has used this product for one month.
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Ugur Kaner
Ugur KanerHunter@ugurkaner · Product designer w/ superpowers
Been using Hemingway for a while, find it really helpful. New version is out for Mac/Win with new features like formatting, import/export and auto update. Happy 2.0 upgrade is free to those who originally have the app.
Pablo Stanley
Pablo Stanley@pablostanley · Designer
@ugurkaner Will give this a try. Thanks for sharing!
Thibaut Davoult
Thibaut Davoult@thibautdavoult · Growth Engineer at Livestorm
I have to say I'm conflicted about this app. After using the web version for about a day, I decided to pay for it instantly because it just brings so much value. I tend to write very long sentences so Hemingway has been great to keep me grounded. I find my blogposts have become a lot more readable and enjoyable thanks to Hemingway. That said, the desktop app is full of bugs. I'm not exaggerating, it seriously is. Anyone who has used it should be able to back me up on this. I'm talking: way too many bugs to be tolerable for a $10 product. Just right there I started typing randomly on V2 and here's what I get on the very first annotation that popped up: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s... "Very" should appear once, outlined and not in purple. That's just an example. But I've had these sort of visual bugs happen on V1 A LOT and now it looks like V2 hasn't solved much, which is unfortunate. I get that it's probably a very small team or even a single person working on this. But I would question my ethics selling this for $10 especially when it's so inferior to the web app. Edit: of course, I'm very willing to help. Be it to file bugs, send tweets with screenshots and whatever is needed to spot out these issues and correct them. You know where to find me.
Adam Long
Adam LongMaker@adam_b_long · Product Manager, Automated Insights
@thibautdavoult Sorry to hear you ran into a bug. We're happy to fully refund your purchase if you're not satisfied. Send an email to us: 38longllc@gmail.com and let us know what email you used for your purchase. Over 2 million people have used the app and tens of thousands have tweeted their praise for it, so you'll find we disagree that the app is too "buggy." It also runs the exact same engine as the web version, so you shouldn't see any difference in performance. That said, if you email any issues you find to the address above, we'll jump on fixing them straight away.
Thibaut Davoult
Thibaut Davoult@thibautdavoult · Growth Engineer at Livestorm
@adam_b_long @thibautdavoult Thank you very much for offering the refund. I appreciate the effort you put in developing Hemingway, and replying to my comment so I'll keep using V2 for a few days before fully making up my mind. Tweeting praise about something and finding bugs isn't mutually exclusive. I actually tweeted my love of Hemingway as well (https://twitter.com/thibautdavou...). I'll be sure to email if anything weird happens again.
Adam Long
Adam LongMaker@adam_b_long · Product Manager, Automated Insights
@thibautdavoult Thanks Thibaut. We want it to be the best app it can be, so let us know if you see room for improvement!
Jason Ephraim
Jason Ephraim@growwithjason · Campus Director DigitalCrafts Houston
I use the webapp occasionally and it works great. I'm curious why you chose to land on the mac purchase page? http://www.hemingwayapp.com/desk... is much more descriptive and includes the PC option.
Wes Bos
Wes Bos@wesbos
What is new in Version 2?
Adam Long
Adam LongMaker@adam_b_long · Product Manager, Automated Insights
@jason_@jason_ · Living life in ludicrous-mode
@adam_b_long If I purchase @hemingwayapp for my work Macbook Pro, will I also be able to use the same purchased license (same iTunes acct) on my personal MacBook Air? If so, I'll buy it.
Nik Graf
Nik Graf@nikgraf · Passionate about Reason & Serverless
I'm bought the Hemingway Editor a while ago and it proved to be really handy. I use it on a daily basis to verify my writings are simple enough. Mainly I double check longer emails, meeting summaries I post to Slack and for blog posts. Fantastic tool. Thx for developing it @adam_b_long
Adam Long
Adam LongMaker@adam_b_long · Product Manager, Automated Insights
@nikgraf Thanks for the kudos Nik!
ben Watanabe
ben WatanabeHiring@benwtnb · 96 Problems
Definitely great for more than just writing books and blogs. Project manager's should run their emails and directions through Hemingway. It's a great way to ensure your team and correspondent will be able to understand what you're saying.