Music stops when you stop typing. Stay focused while writing

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Typeboost is a writing tool that plays music when you type to encourage you to keep typing until your first draft is done.

Use our webapp to try Typeboost for free. Or download our desktop app to use Typeboost with any word processor you like.

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    Aleksander SkjoelsvikI like making things

    It actually works, can be used with any word processor, thoughtful selection of music


    None that I can think of

    I've been a user of the Typeboost desktop app for quite some time and it has helped me tremendously beat procrastination. I can no longer imagine writing anything without the subconsciously motivational music playing in the background. I used to struggle with taking long breaks between each sentence I wrote, leading to the simplest of essays taking much longer than needed. Typeboost helped eliminate that.

    Aleksander Skjoelsvik has used this product for one year.
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    Brian FakhouryFounder, FriendlyStorage

    Extremely simple, even more effective


    can't think of any

    I've been using Typeboost to write a lot and its made the experience much more enjoyable, especially with the new desktop app giving me the power to write in any application. Support is great and I'm excited to keep using the product.

    Brian Fakhoury has used this product for one month.


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Jules SchenkelMaker@schenkel · Working on @typeboost
Typeboost is a writing tool that plays music when you type to encourage you to keep typing until your first draft is done. For many of us, perfectionism or fear of failure makes starting a written project like an essay or a blogpost stressful. For others, staying focused while writing is difficult. Typeboost aims to solve both of these problems by using music as a fun incentive to keep typing and get your ideas onto the page. In high school, I struggled with essay writing. I built Typeboost to help me overcome my writing anxiety and type up a quick first draft. Today, Typeboost helps writers of all kinds with their first drafts. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I feel that music stopping and starting might be more distracting. Disclaimer: I haven't tried this yet but curious to hear from those that have.
Igor Akulov@igoruphere · Founder of Picax
Double-check your one-liner, it should say the opposite 🐶
Guillaume Bardet@guillaumebardet · Working on Qlearly.com/beta
This is pretty clever Jules, like Ryan said it might get a little distracting but its obviously not for everyone. Definitely worth a try :)
Jules SchenkelMaker@schenkel · Working on @typeboost
@guillaumebardet Thanks Guillaume :)
Shena Lohardjo@shenalo · startup manager @ build lab
This is awesome!! Such a simple, fun and seamless solution to writer's block. Great work :D