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July 5th, 2018

How to add Stories to your site like Zuckerberg ✨
Try Cereals
A year ago, we hit peak Stories. Insta took "inspiration" from Snap and Zuck started rolling Stories into every Facebook app. People theorized that Microsoft was going to add Stories to Excel. Wild times.

Creative makers took notice. On April 1st, a few long-time Product Hunt community members shared their latest creation...

"For a few years now Mike and I have been dreaming of this day. We've seen the trends, we've watched from the sidelines, always waiting for the right moment for our big release. Today, for no specific calendar related reason, we're launching Stories as a Service (SaaS for short)."

Stories as a Service made it easy to add Stories to your website with just one line of code. BUT, it wasn't real. 🙈

Fast forward to today, a new maker from Paris emerges to carry the Stories torch. This time, it's not a joke.

Try Cereals makes it super easy to create stories in your browser. It's actually quite brilliant. Use it to summarize the news (like our app, Sip), create a tutorial for new site visitors, or simply tell stories.

Give it a try and share your stories in the Product Hunt discussion. 😊
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