Most growth hacking books are full of fluff, stories, and outdated.

Even the best ones are hard to implement.

Ace The Game bucks the trend: The book isn’t the writers thoughts based on their own experiences, this is a curation of methods from some of the best internet marketers and growth hackers, in areas like traffic & lead gen, CRO, and SEO.

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god, I hate breathless language like this. Statements like "Turn social media into endless customers" make me throw up in my mouth a little because surely only the extremely gullible will believe generalist nonsense like that in this day and age. Here's what it takes to build a sustainable business: find a way to make people's life better. From there on in, everything is hard work. Building relationships is hard work. Building culture is hard work. Building customers and loyalty is hard work. Getting up at four in the morning worrying about the business is hard work and working until midnight for weeks on end is hard work. As the saying goes, it takes ten years to be an overnight success. Shortcuts don't exist. Do it properly, or don't do it at all. The idea of growth hacking is similar to people flogging dieting pills - the search for a miracle that cuts out the..... hard work. If you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise more. If you want to build a business, that isn't built on selling snake oil to the gullible, work hard and build relationships. Don't fall for the "growth hacking" BS.
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@andreasduess happy to see I’m not the only one being circumspect by this
@jpvalery Thanks. Successful business is built on giving a shit, not trying to find shortcuts.
@andreasduess I can understand where you're coming from but if you have been following Vin like I have for years, you would know that Vin gives all the shits.
@andreasduess I get a bit carried away writing, I get it. In the intro to the book I talk about "this book isn't about helping you create a great product" (aside from helping you get traffic to help validate the idea, etc) I'd rather be a little overexcited then super-pessimistic. The growth hacks have helped just about every major startup grow massive without traditional adspend. Small companies can do amazing things using these hacks. I'd rather err on the side of showing the possibility as i you're an early stage entrepreneur bad news is virtually everywhere else. It took me from being on social welfare in the UK to having multiple six-figure businesses and moving to the United States, and has changed the lives of so many people I know, but yes, right there with you, it is a TONNE of hard work and long days, even allowing for all of the above hacks to work.
@vincentdignan Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. For me, the language you're using devalues whatever real wisdom you may have to offer - and by the testimonial of your fans there seems a fair bit of it. But language, as you certainly know, has power. Words matter. And the words you're using, to me, scream "snake oil" rather than "trusted source". Alarm bells start ringing. In addition, the rags to riches story, while it might well be true, again is a common tool of the salesman. "Do this, buy my program, and you too can lift yourself from this bottomless pit of despair". Now the BS meter hits red. So, that's my impression. I may very well be 100% wrong. Your schtick may well be working for 99% of people and I may well be the odd one out. But the one thing I know, whenever I ignored the bells ringing, things went to crap sooner or later. So now I pay attention to them. Peace and out and much success.
Hey PH! Vin Clancy here. Ace The Game is my attempt at creating the definitive Growth Hacking bundle. Honestly? Growth hacking books are ten a penny these days, as everyone tries to grab some emails with a hastily-pulled together dump of information anyone could find on Google. This is a collection of growth hacks that get FAST results, from those who are doing this day in day out for their own companies and clients. So, here’s what you’re gonna get in the “Ace The Game” top 100 growth hacks in the world right now eBook & video course: - EVERY strategy you'll need to : - Get a massive competitive advantage in getting leads - Form a strategy for unlimited traffic generation - Turn social media into endless customers - Become a kickass copywriting, and - Increase your conversion rate. All of the above will give you brand new tools to put money in your bank account. You’ll Also Receive The Marketer’s Toolbelt as a free bonus, which includes: > 79 Headline Formulas to increase your clicks and conversions - BEST PART: These will make creating content so easy it'll feel like you're cheating! 60 free resources to build your startup - BEST PART: You could double or triple your productivity and effectiveness once these easy-to-implement tools and resources are implemented. 2,190 guest blogging opportunities - BEST PART: You'll get traffic and customers flowing to your site, as well as SEO backlinks, without having to search for places you can blog. 150 approved Fiverr vendors BEST PART: You'll be outsourcing major tasks, freeing you up to make more money, or spend more time doing what you like (Netflix anyone?) 5,000 podcast opportunities BEST PART: Podcasts have many of the same results of public speaking without you ever having to leave your house/travel/get jetlagged! My Deluxe package of email subject lines to massively increase your open rate BEST PART: These subject lines have been used to make over $500,000 and you can steal them and claim them as your own - I don't mind! The 50 most engaged posts in the history of Traffic And Copy, my Facebook Group BEST PART: You can copy the ideas behind these posts for your Facebook group, email list, or blog posts, and get super-high engagement and clicks as a result. The ultimate guide to building a business working with influencers From a boss CEO who’s built multiple seven-figure businesses using these same methods! PLUS FINAL BONUS! By grabbing the "Ace The Game" Growth Hacking Bundle, you'll also get lifetime membership in the "Ace The Game" Private Facebook Group! This is where you'll be able to network privately with other entrepreneurs, and ask me and my team any questions on implementing the hacks in the book. Product Hunters get a time limited discount :) See you on the next page! P.S. I’ll answer all comments you write below (About to go to bed as it’s 1am in L.A. right now but when I wake up I will reply SO HARD)
Interesting. Can you give some examples of who is in the book?
@paupertoprinces Here's a copy pasta dump of just a few of the hacks and authors: Get tonnes of leads and registrations for your webinars with this simple Eventbrite hack. (Quintin Ford) ✅ How to create $26.5m in revenue using Facebook ads - By Depesh Mandalia ✅ How to make $20k in 15 days from cold email - Aaron Krall ✅ My favorite B2B Lead Generation Tactic with FindThatLead + BuiltWith - Kieran Goodacre ✅ Andrew Medal - How to hack a Hollywood event ✅ Dylan Hey - Target people who use a certain technology ✅ Neil Cocker - How to capture the attention of 50,000 companies - and feel like you’re only taking to them (TAC) ✅ Marcus Svensson - Turn your silent website visitors into customers on autopilot using this insane method ✅ Jon Buchan - The Cold Pitch 2 Touch Combo ✅ Christien Louviere - How we increased our cold email response rate by 900% ✅ Bobby Krieger - How I got my first 10 paid clients by leveraging Yelp comments ✅ Kerrie Rycroft - How to turn $5 into 100 email signups in a day ✅ How to build a business using affiliate traffic by Adrian Nutiu ✅ How Current Media achieved 600,000 Referrals + $36,000,000 Initial Coin Offering - By Manuel Frigerio ✅ (The secret sauce to generating traffic to a token sale/ICO) How to Go From 0–10,000 DAILY Website Visitors from Pinterest in Under 6 Months (Connor McCreesh) ✅📺 How to create killer blog posts that drive insane traffic - By Jingcong Zhao ✅ A Costly Mistake You’re All Making With Your Facebook Pixel (and how to avoid it) - Joseph Lazukin
Ran into Vincent at a party recently and after just a few minutes of conversation, found myself taking some notes down for growth strategies others in similar spaces to Commaful had used. He understands a wide range of startup industries and isn't shy about dishing out a ton of advice. I'm sure this book won't be any different.
@sydney_liu_sl Thanks man! Let's hang out again soon!

In order to become a six figure earner you must do all the hacks that suits to your startup,company it is in this book, in order to become and create a sustainable growth force and earn consistent money


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