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#1 Product of the DayJuly 05, 2018

Suttna is Slack extensions that can automate your team's daily status reporting using checkins. You can set it up on any channel conversation and it will take care of the rest.

Suttna is really flexible, you can customize what questions it's going to ask, the time you want it to ask them and the days that better fit your workflow.

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@santiagodoldan Hello Santiago 👋 As someone who has managed and worked in distributed teams I really like the idea of a Slack Bot for standups. I like you product but I think you could simplify the language on your landing pages to clearly focus on this use case, which would be your easiest win in terms of new customer acquisition. Some thoughts: * Why call it a checkin if it's basically a standup? * Change 'In the roadmap' to 'Coming soon' and de-prioritise these visually * Could you AB test different landing page headlines? // Over 100 distributed teams use Suttna to automate their standups over Slack // Scrum masters. Save 10 hours a week by automating your standups // Easier and more powerful standups with Suttna // Standups on Slack. Suttna does it for you // Schedule, run and visualise standups on Slack. Try it free today // I can automate your standups in seconds. Try me free today * Could you showcase credibility: - Number of teams using the product - Total number of Suttna standups run so far - Customer testimonials - Total hours saved by customers of Suttna * Could you visualise how I see the answers from other standup participants * The How It Works page is very dense and 'assist' is spelt wrong in the first paragraph. Focus first on the stages of the customer experience using the product: * Integrate our powerful Slack bot in seconds * Participate in your first stand up, wherever you are * Instantly visualise your team's progress any time * The quickest and slickest standup for distributed teams. Guaranteed Then dig into the technical functionality below this, focusing on most common actions first. Potentially have a different page for Slack Vs Microsoft Teams. Reading and interpreting the integration info for both platforms concurrently reduces clarity. * Pricing: Is the free plan one checkin per day or per billing period? How long is the billing period?
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@santiagodoldan @helloitsolly Hello @helloitsolly could you give me similar feedback on ?
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@santiagodoldan @helloitsolly agree, Slack bots are really valuable now, but they (Slack) also do it inhouse.
@santiagodoldan @helloitsolly Thanks a lot for the feedback! We named the concept "checkin" and not "standup" because we wanted to be more of a generic tool than a standup runner. Actually, we have a lot of customers that use Suttna but not in the "standup" classical way :). All your landing/marketing changes seem very intelligent! We actually have been trying to do some changes on our landing page and other visual components like marketplace images but nothing to show yet. Regarding your pricing question. You can only have one active checkin on the free plan. This means that you can configure only one "standup" in a channel and run it as much as you want. The checkin it's not tied to the billing cycle at this moment. You can create one, delete it and create a new one. Billing cycles for PRO users are monthly. Some customers have opted for yearly cycles that we also support. We definitely need to improve the landing page, tons of things we are not communicating. I'm going to send all this valuable information that your provided back to the team :) Thanks again for taking the time!
@helloitsolly @bilby91 Fixed assist typo, thanks and like Martin said, getting feedback like this is really helpful for us :)
@santiagodoldan @bilby91 "We named the concept "checkin" and not "standup" because we wanted to be more of a generic tool than a standup runner. Actually, we have a lot of customers that use Suttna but not in the "standup" classical way :)." Your most common use case and easiest path to acquisition is people who currently run standups or who are struggling with standups in a distributed structure. Directly addressing this will make your copy deeply resonate with the majority of visitors. Your more generic language ("use it how you like") puts the responsibility on the user to interpret how they can apply your functionality to their process. A few options * Create a landing page focused on standups and use consistent messaging in your paid user acquisition * Talk about standups and then gracefully introduce other use cases * AB test and see which landing pages convert better. Consider a service like Instapage for this. Regarding pricing: I think the language is confused here. * You need to be clear that "one checkin" is actually a recurring event. * You can't refer to a "billing period" and not make it clear how many days that is. * Rename "Reporting Web Application" something like "Web interface" * Define "priority customer service" as "Email support in less than three hours" You're using a lot of internal company lingo that makes a lot of sense to you, but is meaningless to users and requires inference and interpretation. Keep it simple.
Typo in: "All in the comfort of you messaging app"
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@shimmb Fixed, thanks :)
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@santiagodoldan, Congratulations for your product launch :) Random thought if you have started with sales: Target companies who are hiring for different positions on part time basis or for remote location. Will be an awesome fit for you.
@santiagodoldan @shreyaa_ratra Hey! How / where do you target by hiring?
@santiagodoldan @shreyaa_ratra Thank a lot for the feedback! Your thought seems very interesting to me, I've never thought about that strategy. Will try to see how to test it out 😃
Heya, this is cool! It reminds me of the open source standup bot I created for Disqus: Hoping this can give you some ideas around future UX for your product!
@webrender_ Your bot looks really nice, good job :). We discussed some time ago adding some nice features of Slack, but we ended deciding to keep our bot simple and based on conversations, that way we can make it work in other messaging clients without any effort, currently it works in Slack and Microsoft Teams, we are also planning to integrate Suttna in other clients really soon. Do you use other clients than Slack or Disqus?
@santiagodoldan Thanks! Nope, I just use slack - I meant that the product was actually used by the disqus org while I worked there. Good luck!
I like the convenient simplicity of this product- will definitely aid teams that work remotely!
@evan_palmer1 Hey, thanks, that's our idea, to keep the bot as simple as possible, based on conversations.