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#2 Product of the DayApril 01, 2017
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Hi all, For a few years now Mike and I have been dreaming of this day. We've seen the trends, we've watched from the sidelines, always waiting for the right moment for our big release. Today, for no specific calendar related reason, we're launching Stories as a Service (SaaS for short). SaaS enables you to add Story functionality to your site in just one line of code. We know you've all seen Stories by now, they're all over the face of the web. But you've not seen them like this. Including revolutionary features such as +1™ (each story lasts for 25 hours), FaceStickers™ (our stickers are IRL and very sticky) and Photoshop1™ (pretend you're in Bali whilst in your underwear in your 1 bed flat), we think you're gonna love SaaS. We're super excited to finally bring down the curtain on what we believe will be a revolutionary product. We can't wait to see what you do with it (especially you, Facebook). p.s. You can read the (short) story of the behind the scenes here: I'll be about today to answer any questions you have (but may be asleep at times due to last nights late night push).
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@fredrivett "pretend you're in Bali whilst in your underwear in your 1 bed flat" hahahaha 🤣
This is the best one I've seen today.
@ashtube Thanks Ashley, glad you enjoy it 🙌 😇 😻
This was amazing 😂😂
@tese_omesan Thanks Tese! 🙏
This one I loved! I lost it when I read SaaS. Maybe you should try to sell this to Twitter?!
@danny_mcdonald We're already on it Danny (Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoy 😇)
I literally posted about this last night on Twitter: This one is going for the Kitty Awards this year for sure!
@jcvangent Hey thanks Hans! Haha nice co-incidence there, Stories are a pretty hot topic eh. I doubt we'll get as far as the Kitty Awards, but you never know 🙏
@fredrivett great minds think alike!
I was looking for the actual 1 line of JavaScript! lol!
@sanghoon_kang Haha we planned on actually providing it and had the script 60% done but didn't get have time to finish it off in the end!