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#2 Product of the DayJuly 05, 2018

Generate nice Share Images for Twitter and Facebook automatically!

Choose from our preset designs and create your og:images & twitter:images via our API. Just fill elements like text, photos or website screenshots dynamically.

David Wippel
Vincent Denise
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  • Aquiles Carattino
    Aquiles CarattinoScientific Software Developer

    Very easy to implement into my templates


    Misses quick integration to existent CMS

    The service is quite clear. You set some text to display on top of an image, that will serve as the image displayed in social cards. You only need to add a couple of lines of code to the header of your template and voilà everything will be ready.

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Armin Ulrich
Armin UlrichMakerPro@arminulrich · Maker of
Heya, Product Hunters! I’m Armin, co-maker of Placid. We deliver Social Images as a Service: Placid lets you generate lovely Share Images for Twitter and Facebook via our API. (And more Social Image Formats soon!) Here’s how it works: 👉 Choose a preset design from our library. 👉 Customize your template with default values for colors, text, photos / logos. 👉 Integrate the meta tags into your project. 👉 Change parameters of the Image URL in the meta tag to dynamically fill elements of the template. You can f.ex. generate your blog article’s title on to the image or fill a browser window with a screenshot of a website. You will be able to step up your social game without needing to create custom og:images and twitter:images from Photoshop templates every single time. We started building Placid as a tool to automate Social Image Generation for our own projects and we figured it’s something that other people could use too. For now, we concentrated on providing Meta Images, but we’re already testing Placid for other use cases, like generated Pinterest Images. So we’ll soon add: ✏️ An editor to create templates from scratch (and with custom Image Dimensions) 🛠 More options to customize Presets 🖼 More Presets (also for Instagram Posts and Stories, Pinterest Pins, Facebook Posts,..) We’d love your feedback and suggestions for missing features or preset options 😄 If you need something specific, we’re always happy to help. Armin, Co-Maker of Placid
Jeremy Poland
Jeremy Poland@jeremy_poland · Author / Marketer
@arminulrich Could you share some videos of how to use this awesome app!
Armin Ulrich
Armin UlrichMakerPro@arminulrich · Maker of
@jeremy_poland phew - we already talked about that - I may be everything but not a video maker 🙈
Bjorn@krolsbjorn · Byteboomers
Congratulations on the release Armin! Awesome idea and kudos on the design. Best of luck with the Beta 👊
Armin Ulrich
Armin UlrichMakerPro@arminulrich · Maker of
@krolsbjorn thank you very much 🙌
Graeme@graeme_fulton · Making and Letter 💌
Awesome, very important to get these right - thanks for making it easier!
Armin Ulrich
Armin UlrichMakerPro@arminulrich · Maker of
@graeme_fulton thank you! - making social media more beautiful - one image at the time! 💪😅
Sanjevi Rau
Sanjevi Rau@sanjevirau · Worker at Cholaware
Good work Armin! This is one of the smartest idea ever. The preset images shown in the website are also well designed! Good job man!
Armin Ulrich
Armin UlrichMakerPro@arminulrich · Maker of
@sanjevirau Thank you!! That's a big compliment :) .. all the awesome design stuff was done by @_feloidea 💪🙌
Great design. I've been looking for something like this since Pieter Levels wrote about how he does it but which takes a lot of know-how. This is way easier and is perfect for my needs!
Armin Ulrich
Armin UlrichMakerPro@arminulrich · Maker of
@petecodes Thanks Pete 😊