Transfer files between Mac and mobiles made simple

Sally is a Mac app to transfer files between Mac and mobiles in high speed without USB cables, Bluetooth, even without internet connection, particularly working for large files.

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Why is this better than Airdrop?
@coconidodev I haven't used this product, but it looks like it works with any mobile, not just iPhones
@coconidodev @id_myn Yep, it works both for Android and iPhone, even Windows Phone
Hey Product Hunters, Today We launch a new Mac app called Sally, which makes it simple to transfer files between Mac and mobiles devices. You don’t need USB cables, Bluetootch, just use local Wi-Fi to use Sally. I heard a lot of people saying they got messed up to share files across Mac and mobiles. USB cables is terrible, they don’t want to bring a USB cable alone. Bluetooth is terrible, they don’t want to turn on and off thier Bluetooth and pair both devices. They want a simpler solution, so this is why Sally is created. Drag and drop your files on the Mac part, Scan the QR code with your mobile, and transfer file there with a mobile web browser, you don’t need Internet connection. Please check out Sally and leave your feedback here, I am around here for answering your questions. We also have a special deal only for Product Hunters, use the coupon code “PRODUCTHUNT” to get 30% discount, see the on how to redeem coupon code. I am here to answer your questions here today, welcome and feel free to ask me questions. :) Thanks for your interest and have a good day. Aaron Elkins Founder of Pixel Egg Studio
@ryh1113 interesting app, how does it connect with mobile without anything wireless/cable? Does it create wifi spot?
@roman_eaton Thank you for your interests, It creates a HTTP server in the Lan via Wi-Fi, so that mobiles can mange files via a web browser.
@ryh1113 got it, thanks
I would get this, but I already bought WALTR. This is now sounding like a Pixar movie: “WALTR…? Sally…?“
@jasonology And Sally is a sexy "girl". Sally even works with Android other than just iPhone. And to mention, the text can be shared across all mobiles instantly, you buy Sally and get one more app for sharing text across all device. :D just kidding.

There's a free alternative:


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There's a free version that has similar key features