Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 11th, 2018

Robots are taking over Instagram 🤖
Apple's Memoji
Lil Miquela is taking over. The completely CGI Instagram influencer has over 1.2M followers and featured by Vogue, GQ, and HYPEBEAST.
Her creators are pulling in real money: she's modeled for Lululemon competitor Outdoor Voices and Highsnobiety. The company behind her looks just raised $6M from Sequoia Capital to design the next generation of CGI influencers.
She looks eerily real. 😳
Lucky for us humans, a new wave of Augmented Reality and AI tools are here to help us compete with Lil Miquela:
💅 Wanna Nails (launching today!) lets you try on nail polishes in AR. Buy the perfect shade directly in-app or just snap a picture for Insta. Nifty.

📸 FaceApp uses neural networks to make you look younger, older, a different gender, or even smile, all with one tap.
🤳 Meitu makes your selfies gorgeous. Downloaded by over 1 billion, powered by facial recognition and AR tech.
Or... you can always just use Apple's new Memoji to turn yourself into completely virtual avatar. iPhone X required. 🤓

Apple just launched a new suite of tools to kill phone addiction.

Android users, don't feel left out: NoPhone just launched so to kick your phone addiction. It takes over your homescreen and blocks addictive apps. 🚫📱

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