Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 7th, 2018

RIP FaceTime? 😳
Panda lets you talk with superpowers.
The voice controlled camera app triggers AR effects in real-time using your words, best used with friends. It's like having a special effects team to help you tell stories in real time.
The app has been in development for the past year by 18 year-old founder Daniel Singer and a team of five. For OG Product Hunt community members, you may recognize Daniel's name from this popular side project. The app might seem like a toy but the team has clearly put a lot of thought into their vision (pun intended):

"The ultimate goal for Panda is to make the movie inside of your head real. I think we've invested a lot as a society of building tools to document what happens to us and the world around us but have mostly ignored the beautiful worlds that exist in our mind."
Augmented and virtual reality will shape the next generation of digital communication. With Apple’s recent Memojis announcement and a host of 3D avatar apps in development, we expect to see (again, pun intended) more of our communication visually augmented in the future.
Easter egg: You can record silly clips inside of Panda. Try saying “Fortnite”, “Dinosaur”, or “HQ Trivia” and see what happens. It will feel like you're inside of Facebook or Snapchat's R&D department.
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